AARA Board of Directors

This is the current roster for the Alaska Amateur Racquetball Association Board of Directors. If you have any questions or concerns that you would like to bring to the attention of the Board, send an e-mail to anyone of the current Board Member’s own e-mail addresses by clicking on their names.

Tim Keaveny – President – Term: March 2018

Jackie Seiffert – Vice President – Term: March 2019

Sharon Keaveny – Treasurer – Term: March 2019

Michelle Lekites- Secretary – Term: March 2020

Ben Cuaresma – Member at Large – Term: March 2018

Jasper Jackson – Member at Large – Term: March 2019

Jesse Keaveny – Member at Large – Term: March 2019

Gina Strawn – Member at Large – Term: March 2020

Micah Weggel – Member at Large – Term: March 2020

2016/17 Committee Chairpersons

Public Relations / Press Committee – Michelle Lekites
Junior Programs Committee – Tim Keaveny
Rules & Certification Committee – Tim Keaveny
Seeding Committee – Jesse Keaveny
Fundraising Committee – Jackie Seiffert (and everyone else too)
Programs Committee – Gina Strawn

You do not have to be a Board Member to be part of any of the different committees if you would like to lend a helping hand to better our sport contact the Chairperson from the interested committee.