3rd Annual Yukon Office Winter Classic
Alaska Athletic Club
November 13-16, 1980


Lonnie Henry again upset #1 Seed Steve Deaton in the Finals of the Yukon Office Christmas Seal Racquetball Classic. Traveling all the way from Adak Rick Brown Won the Men’s Senior Division A total of 255 entrants played in the Tournament making it the largest draw in Alaska’s racquetball history.(A record that still has not been beaten).


Mens “Open” Singles

1st: Lonnie Henry def. Steve Deaton
21-8, 18-21, 11-9

3rd Place: Kevin Delaney

Men’s “B” Singles

1st: Carmichael Stokes
2nd: Jerry Greenland
3rd: Terry Mayer
Consolation: Larry Lovell

Mens “Novice” Singles

1st: Jerry Melcher
2nd: Rich Boyle

Men’s “Masters” Singles

1st: Marv Anderson
2nd: Bill Wirin
3rd: Bob Snider

Mens “Senior” Singles

1st: Rick Brown (Adak)
2nd: Bill Higgins
3rd: Gene Goldsmith
Consolation: Pete Larson

Boy’s “Junior” Singles

1st: Ross Smith
2nd: Jon Coyle
3rd: Danny Mathews

Women’s “Open” Singles

1st: Nancy Torhorst def. Lou Fuzzard (Fbks)
21-14, 21-12

3rd: Barb Maier

Women’s “Novice” Singles

1st: Linda Walker
2nd: Cindy Pendler
3rd: Vicki Benner
Consolation: Mary Tesch

Girl’s 14 & Under Singles

1st: Angel def. Matthews
21-6, 21-0

Men’s “Open” Doubles

1st: Jeff Sandys & Deno Paolini
Lonnie Henry & Doug Smith
17-21, 21-14, 11-4

Men’s “B/C” Doubles

1st: Tom Coburn & Terry Mayer
2nd: Vance Borden & Dave Hawkins
3rd: Carmichael Stokes & D. Williams