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2019 Four Wall Turkey Brawl


2019 Four Wall Turkey Brawl
November 14-17, 2019

(Thursday-Sunday) (We will extend through Sunday only if needed)

Our second tournament of the 2019/20 Alaska Racquetball Season “The Four Wall Turkey Brawl” will be held at The Alaska Club East, Both Singles and Doubles events will be offered for both Adults and Juniors at this event, Players are allowed to enter 1 Skill & 1 Age or Doubles event (2 Total)(Women’s or mixed doubles can be played as a 3rd event, No time conflicts when playing 3 PLEASE. Entry fees: $25 for the first event; $8 for the second and third events. Juniors play for Free. Entry deadline is Sunday, November 10th at 6 pm, We will be serving lunch on Saturday afternoon and there will be awards for the top three players in each division.

Just as a reminder, 1st round matches can start as early as 5:30 pm Thursday, You may list one time conflict on your entry form and we will do our best to accommodate. If we cannot schedule around your conflict, you will be notified prior to draw completion. If you DO-NOT list a conflict on the application, no changes will be made after the draw has been posted. These are three-day tournaments most of the time, without going into Sunday I can’t schedule around a doubles team who have multiple time conflicts.


** Tournament Update **

So we ended up with just over 40 players and 9 different divisions for this years “4 Wall Turkey Brawl” To add a little twist to this year’s tournament, I made 4 divisions “Double Elimination Draws” instead of what would have been a “Round Robin Draw” giving everyone a chance to WIN the division and the Prize that goes along with it. Once again we will be pressed into playing multiple games per day especially those of you in more the one division, So PLEASE show up early for your scheduled games so as to keep things moving along. For more positive MoJo come down early and volunteer to referee an early match. Good Luck to everyone.


** Tournament Drawsheets **

(Current as of 6:30pm Monday)

** Men’s Open ** Men’s Elite/A ** Men’s B/C ** Men’s All Age **

** Men’s Open Doubles ** Men’s B/C Doubles ** Mixed Doubles **

** Women’s Doubles ** Junior Singles **