2019 Fall Kick-Off Tournament

2019 Fall Kick-Off

While here we go again!. The 2019/20 Alaska Racquetball season gets underway with the 2019 Fall Kick-Off October 17-20 at The Alaska Club East, This is the first of six tournaments to be held at The Alaska Club and we are looking forward to another GREAT Season. Both Singles and Doubles events will be offered for both Adults and Juniors at this event, Players are allowed to enter 1 Skill & 1 Age or Doubles event (2 Total) (Women’s or Mixed Doubles can be played as a 3rd event, (No time conflicts when playing 3). Entry fees: $25 for the first event; $8 for the second and third events. Juniors play for FREE. The entry deadline is Sunday, October 13th at 6 pm.

*** Tournament Update ***

OK, folks, The start of the 2019-20 Alaska Racquetball Season will KICK-Off with 35 individuals competing in 7 different divisions, unfortunately, Men’s Doubles became one division with 6 teams, Women’s Singles along with Men’s B/C Singles will not be contested, The Men’s Age division became an “ALL AGE” Round Robin Draw along with Women’s Doubles and Mixed Doubles. As usual, we ask everyone to arrive a little early for their scheduled matches to help keep matches running on time, and if possible maybe volunteer to Referee a match. We will be serving LUNCH on Saturday around NOON while the Men’s Open Final takes place. Good Luck to all our participants and WELCOME to our New Tournament players.


** Tournament Results **

Men’s Open Singles:

1st Fidencio Rodriguez
2nd Tom Hood
3rd Brandon Cuaresma
Consolation: Joe Law


Men’s Elite Singles:

1st Mike Monterusso
2nd Wayne Oxford
3rd Sean Kennedy
Consolation: Jimmy Stewart


Men’s All Age Singles :

1st Mike Monterusso
2nd Scott Bird
3rd Kenny King


Juniors Singles:

1st Isaac Forsyth
2nd Jack Hood
3rd Jace Cuaresma
Consolation: Josiah Law


Men’s Open Doubles:

1st Wayne Oxford/Bill Hand
2nd Joe /Cathy Law
3rd Telon Bremont/ Sean Kennedy
Consolation: Jared Hansen/Matthew Viens


Women’s Open Doubles:

1st Michelle Lynn LeKites/Nikki Cuaresma
2nd Cathy Law/Kathryn Stewart
3rd Angelina Anderson/Lyn Lindboe


Mixed Open Doubles

1st Michelle LeKites/Joe Law
2nd Cathy Law/Jimmy Stewart
3rd Jackie Seiffert/Telon Bremont


** Tournament Drawsheets **

(current through all Final Matches)

** Men’s Open ** Men’s Elite ** Men’s All Age **

** Women’s Doubles ** Men’s Doubles ** Mixed Doubles **

** Juniors **