2018 Fall Kick Off Tournament


While here we go again!. The 2018/19 Alaska Racquetball season gets underway with the 2018 Fall Kick-Off October 18-21 at The Alaska Club East, This is the first of six tournaments to be held at The Alaska Club and we are looking forward to another GREAT season. Both Singles and Doubles events will be offered for both Adults and Juniors at this event, Players are allowed to enter 1 Skill & 1 Age or Doubles event (2 Total)(Women’s or mixed doubles can be played as a 3rd event, No time conflicts when playing 3). Entry fees: $25 for the first event; $8 for the second and third event. Juniors play for free as long as one Parent is also participating or $15 for the first junior event. Entry deadline is Sunday, October 14th at 6 pm.

Tournament Drawsheets

(Current through all final matches)

** Men’s Open/Elite ** Men’s A’s ** Men’s B’s ** Men’s All Age ** Juniors **

** Men’s Open Doubles ** Men’s B/C Doubles ** Mixed Open Doubles **

** Women’s Doubles **



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Tournament Recap

Our Fall KickOff went off GREAT, We ended up with 38 players and 9 different divisions. I know that 38 does not sound that good to a lot of folks but I find it very encouraging since this was the first tournament ever played in Alaska for about 30% of that 38 and that there were a lot of our REGULARS not available not to mention there is still no snow on the ground outside yet!. All you folks that have been talking up our sport to everyone deserve a BIG PAT on the backs. A Big Welcome to all of you first timers we look forward to seeing you all again at our next event.

Jimmy Stewart – How GREAT was it to see Jimmy Stewart back on the court after 2 long years of countless surgeries after an explosion and fire at his cabin. GOD has a special plan for this MAN. Welcome back, Jimmy!!


Final Results


Men’s Open / Elite

1st Place: Kelly King

2nd Place: Tom Hood

3rd Place: Wayne Oxford

Cons: Kenny King

Men’s A

1st Place: Dan Gummo

2nd Place: Mike Monterusso

3rd Place: Matthew Veins

Men’s B

1st Place: Nick Hultberg

2nd Place: Ryan Thibault

3rd Place: Derrick VanOrd

Cons: Mike MarcAurele

Men’s All Age

1st Place: Paul Ly

2nd Place: Mike Monterusso

3rd Place: Wayne Oxford

Cons: Matthew Veins


1st Place: Isaac Forsyth

2nd Place: Jack Hood

3rd Place: Daniel Law

Cons: Josiah Law

Women’s Doubles

1st Place: Cathy Law & Terri Marceron

2nd Place: Jackie Seiffert & Gina Strawn

3rd Place: Sarah Boice & Michelle Lekites

Men’s Open Doubles

1st Place: Kelly King & Robert Bailey

2nd Place: Tom Hood & Christer Linden

3rd Place: Kenny King & Martin Contreras

Cons: Jimmy Stewart & Wayne Oxford

Men’s B/C Doubles

1st Place: David Moore & Ryan Thibault

2nd Place: Shane Paulsen & Nick Hultberg

3rd Place: Terri Marceron & Michelle Lekites

4th Place: Jared Hanson & Matt Veins

Mixed Open Doubles

1st Place: Cathy Law & Jimmy Stewart

2nd Place: Jackie Seiffert & Joe Law

3rd Place: Terri Marceron & Christer Linden

Cons: Theresa McSherry & Paul Ly