2018 Christmas Classic




2018 Christmas Classic
December 6-9, 2018
(Thursday-Sunday) (We will extend through Sunday only if needed)


The 3rd tournament of the 2018/19 Alaska Racquetball season “The Christmas Classic” will be held at The Alaska Club East, Both Singles and Doubles events will be offered for both Adults and Juniors at this event, Players are allowed to enter 1 Skill & 1 Age or Doubles event (2 Total)(Women’s or mixed doubles can be played as a 3rd event, No time conflicts when playing 3 PLEASE. Entry fees: $25 for the first event; $8 for the second and third event. Juniors play for free as long as one Parent is also participating or $15 for the first junior event. Entry deadline is Sunday, December 2nd at 6 pm


Just as a reminder, 1st round matches can start as early as 5:30 pm Thursday, You may list one time conflict on your entry form and we will do our best to accommodate. If we cannot schedule around your conflict, you will be notified prior to draw completion. If you DO-NOT list a conflict on the application, no changes will be made after the draw has been posted. These are three-day tournaments most of the time, without going into Sunday I can’t schedule around a doubles team who have multiple time conflicts. Thanks for the understanding.


Tournament Update & Drawsheets

We ended up with 8 divisions for this tournament 4 that are Round Robin format, which means a lot of court time (Back to Back matches) for those of you who are competing in multiple divisions, to alleviate this problem our choices are limited; 1. We can roll over to Sunday 2. We can start the tournaments on Wednesday. Let the tournament desk know how you feel about this issue and if need be we can make the necessary changes in the upcoming tournaments. OK back to this tournament, Women’s doubles did not go only 2 teams, and Men’s Elite and A’s and were combined along with Men’s B/C, and the Men’s Age event become an All Age division.  I did my best to work around everyone’s time conflicts let me know if you find a mistake. 


** Men’s Open ** Men’s Elite/A ** Men’s B/C ** Men’s All Age **

** Men’s Open Doubles ** Men’s B/C Doubles ** Mixed Open Doubles **

** Juniors **


Final Results


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Men’s Open
1st Place: Robert Bailey
2nd Place: Fidencio Rodriguez
3rd Place: Kelly King
Consolation: Kyler Maisey

Men’s Elite/A
1st Place: Dan Gummo
2nd Place: Steve Maisey
3rd Place: Wayne Oxford
Consolation: Scott Bird

Men’s B/C (Round Robin)
1st Place: Brad Potter
2nd Place: Derrick VanOrd
3rd Place: Gabe Strawn
4th Place: Jonathan Springer

Men’s All Age (Round Robin)
1st Place: Mike Monterusso
2nd Place: Scott Bird
3rd Place: Mike Butteri (Fairbanks)
4th Place: Jonathan Springer

1st Place: Isaac Forsyth
2nd Place: Jack Hood
3rd Place: Lucas Keaveny
Consolation: Josiah Law

Men’s Open Doubles
1st Place: Robert Bailey & Kelly King
2nd Place: Tom Hood & Fidencio Rodriguez
3rd Place: Ross Amundson & Ryan Kofoid
Consolation: Steve & Kyler Maisey

Men’s B/C Doubles (Round Robin)
1st Place: Michelle LeKites & Terri Marceron
2nd Place: Jared Hanson & Matt Veins
3rd Place: Brad Potter & Larry Carmichael
4th Place: Dave Moore & Henry Diaz
5th Place: Jackie Seiffert & Gina Strawn

Mixed Open Doubles (Round Robin)
1st Place: Terri Marceron & Joe Law
2nd Place: Cathy Law & Jimmy Stewart
3rd Place: Michelle LeKites & Matt Helsel
4th Place: Jackie Seiffert & Telon Bremont