2018 Alaska Open – Drawsheets


2018 Alaska Open


We ended up with 30 players who will compete in 5 different divisions, The tournament is going to end on Saturday afternoon Sunday was not needed, Both Thursday and Friday are booked solid so PLEASE show up early to help Referee and be ready to play as courts become free. 

Drawsheets for tournament

(Current through all final matches)


** Women’s Open ** Men’s Open ** Men’s B/C ** Men’s All Age **

** Juniors **




Final Results:

Women’s Open – Double Elimination
1st Place: Cathy Law
2nd Place: Michelle LeKites
3rd Place: Gina Strawn
4th Place: Jackie Seiffert

Men’s Open
1st Place: Fidencio Rodriguez
2nd Place: Kelly King
3rd Place: Tom Hood
Consolation: Kenny King

Men’s B/C – Round Robin
1st Place: Scott Bird
2nd Place: Martin Contreras
3rd Place: Gabe Strawn

Men’s All Age
1st Place: Fidencio Rodriguez
2nd Place: Tom Hood
3rd Place: Fredrick Pedro
Consolation: Josh Wood

Men’s B
1st Place: Isaac Forsyth
2nd Place: Jack Hood
3rd Place: Josiah Law
Consolation: Gabriel Law