2017 Four Wall Turkey Brawl


Four Wall Turkey Brawl tournament November 9-12 (Sunday will only be used if absolutely necessary) at The Alaska Club East, Both Singles and Doubles will be offered along with Junior divisions, Kids play FREE as long as 1 parent is participating. A special doubles event will be held Saturday afternoon and will not count against your three division limit, Our special event for this tournament will be “Century Doubles” both players ages must add up to at least 100 years the games will be played to 7 and matches will be 2 out of 3.

Thanks to a wonderful donation from Jennifer Julian, we will be giving away Turkeys to the top 2 finishers and a Cornish Game Hen to third place in each division.

Play will start as early as 5:30 PM Weekdays and 9 AM Weekends.

Tournament Update:

Thank You to everyone for participating in our tournament, And Thank You to Joe Law and new AARA Board member Michelle LeKites for hustling up a lot of new players, And Thank You to Jennifer Julian (Jasper’s Mom) who sponsored this event and made it possible for us to award Thanksgiving Gift Certificates to all those who placed, and A Really BIG THANK YOU To all the AARA Board Members (Michelle LeKites, Jackie Seiffert, Gina Strawn, Sharon Keaveny, Jasper Jackson, Ben Cuaresma, and Jesse Keaveny) who made this event run smoothly. See you all December 7-11 for the Christmas Classic tournament.



Tournament Results:


Men’s Open/Elite
1st Place: Kelly King
2nd Place: Harold Patterson
3rd Place: Robbie Gunther
Consolation: Fredrick Pedro

Men’s A
1st Place: Clint Henrie
2nd Place: Kyler Maisey
3rd Place: Mike Demi
Consolation: Dave Maisey

Men’s B/C (Double Elimination)
1st Place: Martin Contreras
2nd Place: Jared Hanson
3rd Place: Kevin Cross
4th Place: Gabe Strawn

Men’s 45+ Open
1st Place: Harold Patterson
2nd Place: Frederick Pedro
3rd Place: Clint Henrie
Consolation: Sunjay Talwar

1st Place: Cameron Hickman
2nd Place: Jack Hood
3rd Place: Lucas Keaveny
Consolation: Isaac Forsyth

Centurion Doubles
1st Place: Harold Patterson & Michelle Lekites
2nd Place: Jesse Keaveny & Ben Cuaresma
3rd Place: Tim Keaveny & Jackie Seifert

Men’s Open Doubles
1st Place: Jesse Keaveny & Nick Arturo
2nd Place: Christer Linden & Tom Hood
3rd Place: Matt Helsel & Jasper Jackson
Consolation: Sanjay Talwar & Dave Maisey

Mixed Open Doubles (Double Elimination)
1st Place: Cathy & Joe Law
2nd Place: Terri Marceron & Christer Linden
3rd Place: Robbie Gunther & Lori Hickman
4th Place: Gina Strawn & Jesse Keaveny