2017 Christmas Classic
December 7 – December 10


The next tournament is the 2017 Christmas Classic which will take place at The Alaska Club – East Thursday – December 7 through Sunday – December 10 (Sunday will be used only if needed). Entry Fees: $25 for the first event; $8 for the second and third event (3rd Event MUST be Mixed Doubles) Juniors play for FREE as long as one parent is participating if not $15

A special doubles event will be held Saturday afternoon and will not count against your three division limit, Our special event for this tournament will be “Offhand Doubles” both players must play with their OFFHAND, the games will be played to 7 and matches will be 2 out of 3.

 All tournament participants will be required to pay a $15 AARA membership fee. If you are a current USA Racquetball (USAR) member, then you will not need to pay another membership fee.  Just as a reminder, 1st round matches can start as early as 5:30 pm Thursday, You may list one time conflict on your entry form and we will do our best to accommodate. If we cannot schedule around your conflict, you will be notified prior to draw completion. If you DO-NOT list a conflict on the application, no changes will be made after the draw has been posted.
Deadline to enter is 6 pm December 3

Tournament Results:

Men’s Open
1st Place: Tom Hood
2nd Place: Fidencio Rodriguez
3rd Place: Frederick Pedro
Consolation: Kelly King

Men’s Elite/A
1st Place: William Henslee
2nd Place: Jacob Sebring
3rd Place: Wayne Oxford
Consolation: Tom Lawrence

Men’s B/C (Round Robin)
1st Place: Michelle Lekites
2nd Place: Kevin Cross
3rd Place: Brad Potter
4th Place: Gabe Strawn
5th Place: Derrick Vanord

Men’s All Age
1st Place: Fidencio Rodriguez
2nd Place: Charlie Pannone
3rd Place: Matt Helsel
Consolation: William Henslee

1st Place: Isaac Forsythe
2nd Place: Jack Hood
3rd Place: Lucas Keaveny
Consolation: Cooper Strawn

Men’s Open Doubles
1st Place: Kelly King & Fidencio Rodriguez
2nd Place: Tom Hood & Christer Linden
3rd Place: Harold Patterson & Jim Hage
Consolation: Max Morrison & Wayne Oxford

Women’s Open Doubles (Round Robin)
1st Place: Cathy Law & Terri Marconi
2nd Place: Michelle Lekites & Jean C
3rd Place: Vicky Oberly & Gina Strawn

Mixed Open Doubles (Round Robin)
1st Place: Cathy Law & Joe Law
2nd Place: Michelle Lekites & Harold Patterson
3rd Place: Gina Strawn & Telon Bremont