2014 Four Wall Turkey Brawl


The next Anchorage tournament will be the 2014 Four Wall Turkey Brawl November 6-9 at The Alaska Club – Midtown. Once again both Singles and Doubles divisions will be offered along with Junior divisions. Players may compete in 2 events total but only 1 “Skill Level”. Women players are allowed to compete in a Men’s division one level below their current Women’s division only after entering their Women’s division first. Entry Deadline is Sunday, November 2 @ 6pm. All tournament participants are required to be current AARA members. If you are a current US Racquetball (USAR) member, then you will not need to pay the $15 AARA membership fee. Entry fee includes Court Time, Balls, Lunch on Saturday, Refreshments throughout the tournament.

The AARA will be hosting the Saturday (12 Noon) luncheon and will be serving a Thanksgiving feast to include Turkey, Potatoes, Gravy, Vegetables, Rolls, and Pies. If you would like to bring a dish to share please have it at the tournament about 11:30 Saturday afternoon. Thank You


Women’s Age, Women’s Doubles, and Men’s A did not get enough entries, One guy dropped from Men’s B so if anyone knows someone who wants the spot Please get in touch with me ASAP, Men’s C and Advance Juniors were combined (This should be fun to watch).

Women’s Open – 5 Player Round Robin – View Drawsheet
1st Place: Gina Strawn
2nd Place: Jackie Seiffert
3rd Place: Kea Cuaresma
4th Place: Lori Hickman
5th Place: Barb Davies

Men’s OpenView Drawsheet
1st Place: Robert Bailey
2nd Place: Jesse Keaveny
3rd Place: Tyler Scott
Consolation: Jim Hage (Fairbanks)

Men’s EliteView Drawsheet
1st Place: Matt Helsel
2nd Place: Nate Guerrero
3rd Place: Joe Law
Consolation: Eric McEnnis

Men’s B – 5 Player Round Robin – View Drawsheet
1st Place: Tim Shearer
2nd Place: Chris Taylor
3rd Place: Caleb Law
4th Place: Devin Putney
5th Place: Steve Fink

Men’s C/ Adv JuniorsView Drawsheet
1st Place: Caleb Law
2nd Place: Kenny King
3rd Place: Bruce Knopel
Consolation: Jake Wright

Men’s All AgeView Drawsheet
1st Place: Christer Linden
2nd Place: Nate Guerrero
3rd Place: Al Alaiefaleula
Consolation: Tim Sherer

Men’s Open Doubles – 5 Team Round Robin – View Drawsheet
1st Place: Jesse Keaveny / Brandon Cuaresma
2nd Place: Robert Bailey / Tyler Scott
3rd Place: Tim Keaveny / Jim Hage
4th Place: Mike Butteri /Matt Helsel
5th Place: Jeff Keuler / Joe Law

Men’s B/C Doubles – 4 Team Round Robin – View Drawsheet
1st Place: Terri Marceron/ Vicky Hisao
2nd Place: Caleb Law / Kenny King
3rd Place: Devin Putney / Luther Freeman
4th Place: Jackie Seiffert / Gina Strawn

Mixed Open DoublesView Drawsheet
1st Place: Brandon Cuaresma / Kea Cuaresma
2nd Place: Al Alaiefaleula / Vicky Hsiao
3rd Place: Christer Linden /Terri Marceron
Consolation: Matt Helsel / Jackie Seiffert

Juniors – 5 Person Round Robin – View Drawsheet
1st Place: Patrick McEnnis
2nd Place: Trent Helsel
3rd Place: Cameron Hickman
4th Place: Lucas Keaveny
5th Place: Jace Cuaresma

Juniors Int – 6 Person Round Robin – View Drawsheet
1st Place: Garrin McCarty
2nd Place: Owen Hickman
3rd Place: Aren McEnnis
4th Place: Joshua Law
5th Place: Joseph McEnnis
6th Place: Alexis Keaveny