2013 Alaska State Singles Racquetball Championships


The 2013 Alaska State Singles Racquetball Championships will take place April 17-20, 2013 (Wednesday – Saturday) at The Alaska Club – Midtown Out of town players MUST be able to play on THURSDAY NIGHT. Entry Fees: $40 for the first event; $8 for the second event; $20 for Juniors (18 yrs & under) for the first event. Juniors must play in a Junior division as their first event. All faxed entries must have credit card information or member number to be accepted. Fax entry to: (907) 561-2946. Players may enter in 1 skill level only and 2 events total. All players are required to be AARA Members and a $15 annual fee will be collected at the tournament desk for all non-members, Your membership will allow you to attend the AARA “End of Year” party Saturday night where along with GREAT FOOD & DRINK we will be presenting both Adult and Junior Sportsmanship awards, and give away a lot of door prizes. 

So we ended up with 68 players competing for “Alaska State Titles” in 13 divisions which means this will be a busy tournament once play starts WEDNESDAY NIGHT… There are 159 matches to be played so we ask all players to PLEASE show up 30 minutes prior to your scheduled time so we can do our best at keeping things to on time as possible. If you WIN your match please check in with the tournament desk to referee, this too will help things run as smooth as possible. We are using all the courts and most time slots are full, PLEASE do not ask to change match times at this time.


Men’s Open Finalist Jesse Keaveny & Brandon Cuaresma 

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Tournament Results:

Another Alaska Racquetball season comes to an end Only this time for the first time in 6 years we have a new Men’s Open Champion. After the semi-final win over Kelly King who many were labeling the heir apparent to the throne Brandon Cuaresma defeated long-time Friend, Doubles Partner, Rival, and current Champion Jesse Keaveny in a match that was filled with both Emotion and Intensity. Congratulations to Brandon and Jesse you both showed both Sportsmanship and True Character in this hard-fought battle.


Women’s “Open” Singles

1st Place: Michelle Roberts
2nd Place: Theresa McSherry
3rd Place: Cecilia Hopper
4th Place: Jackie Seiffert


Women’s “B” Singles

1st Place: Heather Robertson
2nd Place: Nichole Bouwens
3rd Place: Amanda Thiel
4th Place: Lori Hickman


Men’s “Open” Singles

1st Place: Brandon Cuaresma
2nd Place: Jesse Keaveny
3rd Place: Kelly King
Consolation: Kevin Bohan


Men’s “Elite” Singles

1st Place: Craig Walton (Kodiak)
2nd Place: Jean-Claude Tessy
3rd Place: Josh Wood
Consolation: Lam Nguyen (Juneau)


Men’s “A” Singles

1st Place: Matt Heisel
2nd Place: Micah Weggel
3rd Place: David Chamberlin
Consolation: Wayne Oxford


Men’s “B” Singles

1st Place: Jacob Sebring
2nd Place: Al Alailefaleula
3rd Place: John Miller
Consolation: Kevin Maher


Men’s “C” Singles

1st Place: Evan Workman
2nd Place: Jeff Wilson
3rd Place: Brian McEnnis
4th Place: Andrew Maisey


Men’s “Open”25+ Singles

1st Place: Jesse Keaveny
2nd Place: Brandon Cuaresma
3rd Place: Tom Hood
Consolation: Kevin Bohan


Men’s “Open”50+ Singles

1st Place: Jim Hage (Fairbanks)
2nd Place: Dan Anderson (Fairbanks)
3rd Place: Christer Linden
Consolation: Craig Walton (Kodiak)


Men’s “B/C” All Age Singles

1st Place: John Miller
2nd Place: Ken Hickman
3rd Place: Brian McEnnis
4th Place: Evan Workman
Junior Girls with their Medals
There were 19 Junior players in this years tournament competing in three different divisions, Most of these kids trained twice a week since October with Jesse & I and put in practice time on their own. We are both so PROUD of all of you for both the Player you have become and for showing GREAT SPORTSMANSHIP, the Final Standings don’t always show the complete picture, You can all hold your heads up high. Remember this; “What you are as a person is far more important than what you are as a racquetball player.”

Junior Girls Singles

1st Place: Lauren Robertson
2nd Place: Reese Bouwens
3rd Place: Madison Bouwens
4th Place: Alexis Keaveny

Junior Boys Advance Singles

1st Place: Nicholas Alvord
2nd Place: Caden Harding
3rd Place: Kenny King
Consolation: Alex Wright

Junior Boys Intermediate Singles

1st Place: Brayden Harding
2nd Place: Derek Duerr
3rd Place: Owen Hickman
4th Place: Ty Strawn
Gabe Strawn