Great Alaska Rollout – October 13-16, 2011

The 2011/2012 Alaska Racquetball season will kick off with  “The Great Alaska Rollout” to be held at The Alaska Club – Midtown. October 13-16. Both Singles and Doubles will be offered, players will be limited to 3 events. The entry deadline is Saturday, October 8 at 6pm. Entry fee is $25 for 1st event and $8 2nd and 3rd event (3rd event must be mixed doubles only). This is the AARA Membership drive tournament and a $15 annual fee will be collected. For more info feel free to drop me an e-mail. 


Tournament Results: 

Men’s Open
1st Place: Sunji Spencer (Fairbanks)
2nd Place: Jesse Keaveny
3rd Place: Tom Hood
Consolation: Ellis Walthour

Men’s Elite
1st Place: Jasper Jackson
2nd Place: Ron Broyles
3rd Place: Josh Wood
Consolation: Tony Fischer

Men’s A (Round Robin)
1st Place: Wayne Oxford
2nd Place: Garrett Pietrot
3rd Place: William Henslee

Men’s B/C (Round Robin)
1st Place: Chris Taylor
2nd Place: Liam Oberly
3rd Place: Richard Mauer

Men’s All Age
1st Place: Larry Lovell (Fairbanks)
2nd Place: Tony Fischer
3rd Place: Ron Broyles
4th Place: Chris Smole

Junior’s (Round Robin)
1st Place: Bennett Chadwick
2nd Place: Kaleb Strawn
3rd Place: Jake Wright
4th Place: Alex Wright

Men’s Open Doubles
1st Place: Jesse Keaveny & Tom Hood
2nd Place: Steve Deaton & Tony Piper
3rd Place: Jim Hage & Sunji Spencer
Consolation: Jeff Sandys & Tyler Scott