March Madness Racquetball Tournament


The next Anchorage tournament will be the 2010 March Madness March 11-14 at The Alaska Club – Midtown. This is a Singles ONLY tournament to help prepare everyone for the Alaska State Singles tournament which will take place April 7-10th, All Singles divisions will be offered both SKILL LEVEL & Age Events along with Junior divisions. Players may compete in 1 Skill Level and 1 Age Event for a total of 2 events. Entry Deadline is Friday, March 5. All tournament participants are required to be current AARA members.



Final Results:


Women’s Open/A
1st Place: Michelle Poage
2nd Place: Robin Rodriguez
3rd Place: Cecilia Hopper

Women’s B/C
1st Place: De Lewis
2nd Place: Melanie Hauze
3rd Place: Jackie Duran
5th Place: Jackie Seiffert

Women’s All Age
1st Place: Robin Rodriguez
2nd Place: Cecilia Hopper
3rd Place: Melanie Hauze
Consolation: Jackie Duran

Men’s Open
1st Place: Jesse Keaveny
2nd Place: Robert Bailey
3rd Place: Jeff Sandys
Consolation: Tom Hood

Men’s Elite
1st Place: Christer Linden
2nd Place: Fredrick Pedro
3rd Place: Kevin Bohan

Men’s A
1st Place: Luis Portillo
2nd Place: Wayne Oxford
3rd Place: Jasper Jackson

Men’s B
1st Place: William Henslee
2nd Place: Aris Baltazar
3rd Place: Chris Taylor
Consolation: Jason Seagul

Men’s C/D
1st Place: Eric Dubois
2nd Place: Peter Seiffert
3rd Place: Randy O’Connor
Consolation: Mark Jen

Men’s B/C All Age
1st Place: Peter Seiffert
2nd Place: Jason Seagul
3rd Place: Elvys Medina
Consolation: Eric Dubois

Men’s Open/A 25+
1st Place: Robert Bailey
2nd Place: Jesse Keaveny
3rd Place: Ryan Kofoid
Consolation: Wayne Oxford

Men’s Open/A 40+
1st Place: Jeff Sandys
2nd Place: Christer Linden
3rd Place: Arnold Akers
Consolation: Charlie Pannone

Junior’s 10 & Under
1st Place: Caden Harding
2nd Place: Noa Pedro
3rd Place: Brayden Harding

Junior’s 14 & Under
1st Place: Robert Chapas
2nd Place: Sterling Donor
3rd Place: Jackson Brockway