2010 Alaska State Singles Racquetball Championships

The 2010 Alaska State Singles Racquetball Championships will take place April 7-10 (Wednesday – Saturday) at The Alaska Club – Midtown Out of town players MUST be able to play on THURSDAY NIGHT. Entry Fees: $50 members and $60 non-members for the first event; $15 for the second event; $25 for Juniors (18 yrs & under) for the first event. Juniors must play in a Junior division as their first event. All faxed entries must have credit card information or member number to be accepted. Fax entry to: (907) 561-2946. Players may enter in 1 skill level only and 2 events total. All players are required to be AARA Members and a $15 annual fee will be collected at the tournament desk for all non members, Your membership will allow you to attend the AARA “End of Year” party Saturday night at Flori D’Italia Restaurant where along with GREAT FOOD & DRINK we will be inducting 3 individuals to the Alaska Racquetball “Hall of Fame”, present 2 Adults & 1 Junior Sportsmanship award, and give away a lot of door prizes. We are looking forward to hosting players from Juneau, Kodiak, Fairbanks, Ketchikan, and the Valley and expect plenty of GREAT Competition.

(Tournament Update)

OK, we ended up with 70 players who will be competing in 14 different divisions at this years “Alaska State Singles” Racquetball Championships. Since this year’s tournament will be taking place Wednesday through Saturday we lost about a half a day in court time available to us, therefore there is NO WIGGLE ROOM for time changes. PLEASE check in 30 minutes prior to your scheduled playing time to help match times run as close to on time as possible.





Jackie Seiffert & Jackie Duran – Women’s B


Another Alaska Racquetball season comes to an end and what a way to end. Even though we ended up with only 71 players all 14 divisions were full of GREAT Matchups with some surprising results, along with a few milestones in Alaska Racquetball. Michelle Poage won the Women’s Open for the 7th time, more then any other Woman ever has. In the Men’s Open Jesse Keaveny defeated Robbie Gunther giving him his 3rd Open title in a row and 4th overall, only 2 other Men have won 3 in a row along with at least 4 overall. Wesley & Barbara Bernier took 1st in the Junior Boy’s & Girls division becoming the first Brother and Sister to pull off the feat. After all the matches were played, it was off to the Year End Bash thrown by the AARA where a GOOD time was had by all. A Very Special THANK YOU goes out to all the AARA Board Members; Jackie Seiffert, Gina Strawn, Robin Rodriguez, Shane Maruffo, and Jim Weingartner for all their hard work in putting the party together.

Women’s “Open/A” Singles

1st Place: Michelle Poage
2nd Place: Lisa Hacker
3rd Place: Kelly Petree (Homer)
Consolation: Cecilia Hopper


Women’s “B/C” Singles

1st Place: Minda Sines
2nd Place: Jackie Duran
3rd Place: Jackie Seiffert
Consolation: Cathryn Posey


Women’s “All Age” Singles

1st Place: Kelly Petree (Homer)
2nd Place: Cecilia Hopper
3rd Place: Double Injury Forfeit
Consolation: Gina Strawn



Jesse Keaveny shoots a backhand while Robbie Gunther looks on.


Men’s “Open” Singles

1st Place: Jesse Keaveny
2nd Place: Robbie Gunther
3rd Place: Tyler Scott
Consolation: Harold Patterson


Men’s “Elite” Singles

1st Place: Tony Fischer
2nd Place: Jed Kimber
3rd Place: Christer Linden
Consolation: Arnold Akers


Men’s “A” Singles

1st Place: Antonio Portillo
2nd Place: James Weingartner
3rd Place: Jeff Keuler
Consolation: Jasper Jackson


Men’s “B” Singles

1st Place: Tom Rollman
2nd Place: Bob Lohr
3rd Place: Chris Taylor
Consolation: Jason Seagul


Men’s “C” Singles

1st Place: Brian Machkovich
2nd Place: Eric Dubois
3rd Place: John Strawn
Consolation: Luke Kelly


Men’s “Open”25+ Singles

1st Place: Jesse Keaveny
2nd Place: Robbie Gunther
3rd Place: Tom Hood
Consolation: Tyler Scott


Men’s “Open”45+ Singles

1st Place: Ellis Walthour
2nd Place: Jeff Sandys
3rd Place: Harold Patterson
Consolation: John Collins


Men’s “B/C”All Age Singles

1st Place: John Strawn
2nd Place: Jason Seagul
3rd Place: Randy O’Connor
Consolation: Matt Gudger



Junior Girls (Round Robin)

1st Place: Barbara Bernier
2nd Place: Emma Pedro
3rd Place: Kaya Chapas
4th Place: Haadiya Cheema

Junior Boy’s 18 & Under (Round Robin)

1st Place: Wesley Bernier
2nd Place: Jasper Jackson
3rd Place: Shannon Heersey (Fairbanks)

Junior Boy’s 14 & Under

1st Place: Chandler Jones
2nd Place: Sterling Donor



Junior Boy’s 10 & Under

1st Place: Kaleb Strawn
2nd Place: Caden Harding
3rd Place: Gabe Strawn
Consolation: Hunter Adams