March Madness Racquetball Tournament


The next Anchorage tournament will be the 2009 March Madness March 12-15 (Delayed 1 Week due to Handball Tournament) at The Alaska Club – Midtown. This is a Singles ONLY tournament to help prepare everyone for the Alaska State Singles tournament which will take place April 2-5th, All Singles divisions will be offered both SKILL LEVEL & Age Events along with Junior divisions. Players may compete in 1 Skill Level and 1 Age Event for a total of 2 events. Entry Deadline is Sunday, March 8. All tournament participants are required to be current AARA members.




Tournament Recap



Men’s B Champion – Jasper Jackson


The 2009 March Madness tournament turned into a dogfight and most of the little dogs came out on top. Early on the top-seeded players were falling like dominoes, In the Men’s Open the #2 & #3 seeded players both were defeated on Friday night setting up a very interesting semi-final on the lower half of the draw, In the Men’s A #2 seed Dan Reyes of Homer was taken out in the first round and in the Men’s B #1 seed Shane Marrufo was defeated by #3 seed Jasper Jackson for the WIN in the Final. The March tournament is a warmup for the Alaska State Singles which takes place in April and if this is a sign of things to come then State Singles is going to be a blast.


Women’s “Open” Singles (Round Robin)
1st Place: Kelly Inama (Homer)
2nd Place: Robin Rodriguez
3rd Place: Leda Evans


Women’s “B/C” Singles (Round Robin)
1st Place: Gina Strawn
2nd Place: Ophelia Miley
3rd Place: Jackie Seiffert
4th Place: Cathy Pannone
5th Place: Amanda Thiel


Men’s “Open” Singles
1st Place: Jesse Keaveny
2nd Place: Nick Hand
3rd Place: Ryan Kofoid
Consolation: Brandon Cuaresma


Men’s “A” Singles
1st Place: John Collins
2nd Place: Rob Hegner
3rd Place: Ray Eiley
Consolation: Dan Reyes (Homer)


Men’s “B/C” Singles
1st Place: Jasper Jackson
2nd Place: Shane Marrufo
3rd Place: Mike Adams
Consolation: Chris Emond


Men’s “D” Singles (Round Robin)
1st Place: Corey Rogers
2nd Place: Christopher Taylor
3rd Place: Gregor Rakoski


Men’s “Open”24 & Under Singles (Round Robin)
1st Place: Nick Hand
2nd Place: Kevin Bohan
3rd Place: Wesley Bernier
4th Place: Jasper Jackson


Men’s “Open”25+ Singles
1st Place: Robert Bailey
2nd Place: Jesse Keaveny
3rd Place: Brandon Cuaresma
Consolation: Ryan Kofoid


Men’s “Open”45+ Singles
1st Place: Christer Linden
2nd Place: Charlie Pannone
3rd Place: Arnold Akers
Consolation: Ray Eiley


Juniors 12 & Under Singles (Round Robin)
1st Place: Ray Eiley lll
2nd Place: Gunnar Raich
3rd Place: Jackson Brockway
4th Place: Sterling Doner
5th Place: James Blaize