Robby Gunther & Sunji Spencer in Men’s Open Semi Final Match


Great Alaska Rollout – September 10-13

OK, Folks… It’s that time again!. Time to kick off the 2009/10 Alaska Racquetball season, Our 1st tournament of the season will take place at the Alaska Club Midtown September 10-13. Both Singles and Doubles will be offered for both Adults and Juniors, players will be limited to 2 events, 3 if you compete in a Mixed doubles division. New this season will be the addition of the “ELITE” Division. This is for NEW Open players or any Open player who have NO STATE POINTS at the time of sign up. Entry deadline is Sunday at 6pm. For more info feel free to drop me an e-mail.




Final Results:

Women’s Open
1st Place: Gina Strawn
2nd Place: Minda Sines
3rd Place: Carolyn Knowles
4th Place: Jackie Seiffert


Men’s Open
1st Place: Sunji Spencer (Fairbanks)
2nd Place: Robert Bailey
3rd Place: Robby Gunther
Consolation: Brandon Cuaresma


Men’s Elite
1st Place: Harold Patterson
2nd Place: Steve Massey
3rd Place: Jed Kimber
Consolation: Ron Broyles


Men’s A
1st Place: Wayne Oxford
2nd Place: Bryan Gregaltis
3rd Place: Jim Weingartner
4th Place: Chris Smole


Men’s B
1st Place: Raj
2nd Place: Mike Hibbert
3rd Place: Joe Hand
Consolation: Jasper Jackson


Men’s C/D
1st Place: Peter Seiffert
2nd Place: John Strawn
3rd Place: Abdur Rahman
4th Place: Ashok Mishra


Men’s 40+
1st Place: Harold Patterson
2nd Place: Jed Kimber
3rd Place: Charlie Pannone
Consolation: Warren Bailey


Men’s Open Doubles
1st Place: Brandon Cuaresma & Jesse Keaveny
2nd Place: Ryan Kofoid & Steve Massey
3rd Place: Matt Howell / Sunji Spencer
Consolation: Wayne Oxford & John Collins


Men’s B/C Doubles
1st Place: Bob Lohr & Gary Zipkin
2nd Place: John Strawn & Abril Tacaca
3rd Place: Minda Sines & Mike Adams
4th Place: Jackie Seiffert & Peter Seiffert