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2009 Alaska State Doubles Championships


The 2009 Alaska State Doubles will take place at the Alaska Club Midtown February 5-8, 2009, Divisions will be offered to Women, Men, and Juniors of all SKILL Levels from Novice to Open along with OPEN Age events starting at 24 & Under all the up to 65+, Mixed Doubles will also be played. Players are allowed to enter 1 Skill & 1 Age & 1 Mixed division for a total of 3 (The 3rd Event MUST be Mixed Doubles). Entry Fees: $50 Alaska Club members and $60 nonmembers per participant for the first event; $15 for the second event $25 for Juniors (18 yrs & under) for first event Juniors must play in a Junior division as their first event to receive this special price. Entry deadline Applications must be turned in to The Alaska Club Midtown or East by 5pm on Sunday, February 1. No refunds will be given after the draw is posted. No team will be entered unless entries are received from both team members.

All tournament participants will be required to pay a $15 AARA membership fee. If you are a current United States Association of Racquetball (USAR) member then you will not need to pay another membership fee. Anyone in need of a partner in any division PLEASE Contact me ASAP and I’ll try to team you up with someone.

You may list one time conflict and we will do our best to accommodate. If we cannot schedule around your conflict, you will be notified prior to draw completion. If you DO-NOT list a conflict on your application, no changes will be made after the draw has been posted THANK YOU for your support.

Special Divisions – Women’s & Juniors

We will be offering a Women’s Doubles category wherein we will pair an Open/A player with a B/C player in a blind draw. This ensures a more fair and competitive bracket. If you are interested you can e-mail Robin Rodriguez who is heading this drive. We are also going to try to do the same thing for our Junior division teaming up 1 advance player with 1 newer player contact ME (Tim Keaveny) 242-7470 on this event.




Tournament Recap



Jesse Keaveny & Brandon Cuaresma – 1st Place Men’s Open


Michelle Poage – 1st Place Women’s Open & Mixed Open


Final Results

The 2009 Alaska State Doubles will be remembered for a couple things, Brandon Cuaresma’s 3 Open divisions Wins with 3 different partners, Mixed Open with Michelle Poage, Men’s 25+ Open with Keith Boice, and the Men’s Open with Jesse Keaveny this feat has not been done for quite sometime (All 3 final matches went to tiebreakers with the Men’s 25+ going 11-10). And on a sorrowful note the loss of Michelle Poage, Michelle is moving to California. Michelle leaves us with a total of 13 Alaska State Titles 6 Doubles & 7 Singles including 2 she earned at this tournament, Women’s Open with Hayley Batcheller, and Mixed open with Brandon Cuaresma. We’re all going miss you Michelle and wish you the best of luck in all your endeavors.


Women’s “Open” Doubles
1st Place: Michelle Poage & Hayley Batcheller
2nd Place: Robin Rodriguez & Erin Parsley
3rd Place: Leda Evans & Carolyn Knowles
Consolation: Lisa Hacker & Misey Namen


Men’s “Open” Doubles
1st Place: Brandon Cuaresma & Jesse Keaveny
2nd Place: Michelle Poage & Ryan Kofoid
3rd Place: Nick Hand & Ellis Walthour
Consolation: Jim Hage & Tony Fischer


Men’s “A” Doubles
1st Place: Ed Simeonoff & Don Winchester
2nd Place: Rob Hegner & Walt Orzechowski
3rd Place: Ray Eiley & Nick Homerding
Consolation: Tony Arturo & Greg Earl


Men’s “B” Doubles (4 Team Round Robin)
1st Place: Mike Pannone & Shane Marrufo
2nd Place: Jasper Jackson & Wesley Bernier
3rd Place: Mike Adams & Randy Moon
4th Place: Nathan Galvas & Luke Kelley


Men’s “Open”25+ Doubles (5 Team Round Robin)
1st Place: Brandon Cuaresma & Keith Boice
2nd Place: Jesse Keaveny & Ellis Walthour
3rd Place: Ryan Kofoid & Jim Hage (Fairbanks)
4th Place: Charlie Pannone & Josh Wood
5th Place: Shane Marrufo & Mike Pannone


Men’s “Open”45+ Doubles
1st Place: Dave Bohan & Christer Linden
2nd Place: Mike Stassen & Tom Boyle
3rd Place: Ray Eiley & Jim Weingartner
Consolation: Arnold Akers & Warren Bailey


Mixed “Open/A” Doubles
1st Place: Michelle Poage & Brandon Cuaresma
2nd Place: Leda Evans & Jesse Keaveny
3rd Place: Robin Rodriguez & Ellis Walthour
Consolation: Vicky Oberly & Nick Homerding


Mixed “B/C” Doubles
1st Place: Carolyn Knowles & Wesley Bernier
2nd Place: Misty & TJ Namen
3rd Place: De Lewis & Greg Earl
Consolation: Gina & John Strawn