Lunch on Saturday provided by Peppercini’s (Jason Kimmel)


2009 Four Wall Turkey Brawl

The next Anchorage tournament will be the 2009 Four Wall Turkey Brawl November 12-15 at The Alaska Club – Midtown. Once again both Singles and Doubles divisions will be offered along with Junior divisions. Players may compete in up to 3 events (If playing 3rd Event it must be Mixed Doubles). Entry Deadline is Sunday, November 8 @ 6pm. All tournament participants are required to be current AARA members. If you are a current US Racquetball (USAR) member, then you will not need to pay the $15 AARA membership fee. Entry fee includes Court Time, Balls, Lunch on Saturday, Refreshments throughout the tournament provided by Coke-Cola of Alaska, A Really GREAT Tournament Shirt, and Turkeys will be awarded to all division finalist.

Tournament Update

Ok we ended up with 72 players competing in 15 different divisions including 6 Women’s Doubles Teams, With the tournament starting on Thursday (for most players) we are going to be quite busy PLEASE be sure to show up 30 minutes prior to your scheduled time ready to play, This will help keep matches running on schedule. The AARA will be conducting 2 referee clinics during the tournament on Thursday night @ 6:30 and another Saturday @12.




Final Results:

Women’s Doubles
1st Place: Robin Rodriguez & Jackie Duran
2nd Place: Vicky Oberly & Hayley Batchler
3rd Place: Gina Strawn & Jackie Seiffert
Consolation: Cathy Pannone & De Lewis


Women’s Open
1st Place: Robin Rodriguez
2nd Place: Vicky Oberly
3rd Place: Gina Strawn


Women’s B/C
1st Place: Minda Sines
2nd Place: Jackie Seiffert
3rd Place: Jackie Duran
Consolation: Wandee Murray


Men’s Open
1st Place: Brandon Cuaresma
2nd Place: Jesse Keaveny
3rd Place: Nick Hand


Men’s Elite
1st Place: Steve Maisey
2nd Place: Ron Broyles
3rd Place: Jed Kimber
Consolation: Bill Hand


Men’s A
1st Place: Kevin Bohan
2nd Place: Tony Arturo
3rd Place: Larry Duran
Consolation: Jeff Keuler


Men’s B
1st Place: Sanjay Talwar
2nd Place: Brandon Richard
3rd Place: Joe Hand
Consolation: William Henslee


Men’s C
1st Place: Corey Rogers
2nd Place: Peter Seiffert
3rd Place: Eric Dubois
Consolation: Jason Seagul


Men’s Open All Age
1st Place: Harold Patterson
2nd Place: Charlie Pannone
3rd Place: Jeff Sandys
Consolation: Ron Broyles


Men’s B/C All Age
1st Place: Sanjay Talwar
2nd Place: Shane Marrufo
3rd Place: Jay Inama
Consolation: Jason Seagul


Men’s Open Doubles
1st Place: Jesse Keaveny & Brandon Cuaresma
2nd Place: Nick Hand & Robert Bailey
3rd Place: Robbie Gunther & Jed Kimber
Consolation: Jeff Sandys & Scott Pillans


Men’s B/C Doubles
1st Place: Bob Lohr & Glen Cravez
2nd Place: Eric DuBois & Peter Seiffert
3rd Place: David Psenak & William Henslee
4th Place: Mike Adams & Corey Rogers


Mixed Open Doubles
1st Place: Vicky Oberly & Jesse Keaveny
2nd Place: Robin Rodriguez & Ellis Waltour
3rd Place: Gina Strawn & Robby Gunther
4th Place: Judy Rusk / Prithivraj Chavan


Mixed B/C Doubles
1st Place: Shane Marrufo & Jackie Duran
2nd Place: Minda Sines & Mike Adams
3rd Place: RAJ & De Lewis
Consolation: Rich Mauer & Cecilia Hopper


1st Place: Liam Oberly
2nd Place: Cody Bailey
3rd Place: Robert Chapa