Lunch on Saturday provided by Pepercini’s (Jason Kimmel)


2008 Four Wall Turkey Brawl

The Alaska Club – Midtown
Anchorage, Alaska
November 6-9, 2008


The next Anchorage tournament will be the 2008 Four Wall Turkey Brawl November 6-9 at The Alaska Club – Midtown. Once again both Singles and Doubles divisions will be offered along with Junior divisions. Players may compete in 1 Skill Level and 1 Age Event and 1 doubles events (If playing 3rd Event it must be Mixed Doubles). Entry Deadline WAS Sunday, November 2. All tournament participants are required to be current AARA members. If you are a current US Racquetball (USAR) member, then you will not need to pay the $15 AARA membership fee. We ended up with 65 players and 12 different divisions, Women’s Open/A along with Men’s 24 & Under had only 2 players each and will not be run this tournament. Men’s Open had only 10 players so ELITE will not be run also, 1st round losers will drop to Open Consolation. The AGE events were broken down into two different divisions 25+ and 45+, We also had 4 Men’s B/C & 4 Mixed B/C Doubles teams that will compete in round-robin draws.




Tournament Recap



3 Tournaments, 3 Different Color Balls, 3 Different Winners.
(LtoR) Jesse Keaveny, Robbie Gunther, Brandon Cuaresma


Women’s “B/C” Singles
1st Place: Jenny Philip
2nd Place: Carolyn Knowles
3rd Place: Jackie Seiffert
Consolation: De Lewis


Men’s “Open” Singles
1st Place: Jesse Keaveny
2nd Place: Robert Bailey
3rd Place: Brandon Cuaresma
Consolation: Nick Hand


Men’s “A” Singles
1st Place: Jed Kimber
2nd Place: Nick Homerding
3rd Place: John Collins
Consolation: Jason Kimmel


Men’s “B” Singles
1st Place: Kelly Inama (Homer)
2nd Place: Shane Marrufo
3rd Place: Jasper Jackson
Consolation: Mike Adams


Men’s “C” Singles
1st Place: Aaron Lee
2nd Place: Peter Seiffert
3rd Place: Liam Oberly
Consolation: Carolyn Knowles


Men’s “Open”25+ Singles (5 Person Round Robin)
1st Place: Dave Sivigliano (Fairbanks)
2nd Place: Harold Patterson
3rd Place: Ron Broyles
4th Place: Chad Greenland
5th Place: Shane Marrufo


Men’s “Open”45+ Singles
1st Place: John Collins
2nd Place: Warren Bailey
3rd Place: Jeff Keuler
Consolation: Al Trbovich


Junior’s “16 & Under Singles
1st Place: Jasper Jackson
2nd Place: Liam Oberly
3rd Place: Cody Bailey
Consolation: Jackson Brockway


Men’s “Open/A” Doubles
1st Place: Brandon Cuaresma & Jesse Keaveny
2nd Place: Ryan Kofoid & Ellis Walthour
3rd Place: Robert Bailey & Nick Hand
Consolation: Arnold Akers & Jed Kimber


Men’s “B/C” Doubles (4 Team Round Robin)
1st Place: Jasper Jackson & Aaron Lee
2nd Place: Mike Adams & Randy Moon
3rd Place: Cecilia Hopper & Jackie Seiffert
4th Place: John Strawn & Chris Thiel


Mixed “Open/A” Doubles
1st Place: Michelle Poage & Brandon Cuaresma
2nd Place: Janice Vosika & Jesse Keaveny
3rd Place: Robin Rodriguez & Ellis Walthour
Consolation: Erin Parsley & Tony Arturo


Mixed “B/C” Doubles (4 Team Round Robin)
1st Place: Jenny Philip & Shane Marrufo
2nd Place: Jackie & Peter Seiffert
3rd Place: Gina Strawn & Aaron Lee
Consolation: Amanda & Chris Thiel