Christmas Classic
The Alaska Club – Midtown
Anchorage, Alaska
December 4-7, 2008


The next tournament is the 2008 Christmas Classic which will take place at The Alaska Club – Midtown Thursday – December 4 through Sunday – December 7. Entry Fees: $25 members and $30 non-members for the first event; $8 for the second and third event (3rd Event MUST be Mixed Doubles) $15 for Juniors (18 yrs & under) for the first event. All tournament participants will be required to pay a $15 AARA membership fee. If you are a current United States Association of Racquetball (USAR) member, then you will not need to pay another membership fee. We will have a current roster for both AARA and USAR members at the tournament desk. Juniors must play in a Junior division as their first event (ONLY to receive the Special Price). Just as a reminder, 1st round matches can start as early as 5:30pm Thursday, You may list one time conflict on your entry form and we will do our best to accommodate. If we cannot schedule around your conflict, you will be notified prior to draw completion. If you DO-NOT list a conflict on the application, no changes will be made after the draw has been posted.




Tournament Recap



Robbie shoots as Brandon looks on..


For all of you who missed the Men’s Open Final with Brandon Cuaresma vs Robbie Gunther, you missed a GREAT MAtch!. Robbie came out firing away and his Splat shot it was working in the 1st game which he took 15-9, In game 2 Brandon had Robbie running with his “Touch Shots” to the frontcourt and good passes to the backcourt even forcing him to call what Brandon likes to call a “Tired Timeout”, Brandon took game 2 15-9. Game 3 was filled with Great shots from both players along with some fantastic retrieving, The score stayed close throughout this fierce 3rd game and both players were pushing HARD for the WIN but that didn’t stop them from showing plenty of Sportsmanship to each other overturning a couple of close calls by the Referee. Brandon went on to take the tiebreaker 11-9 to become the first Men’s Open repeat winner of the 2008/09 Alaska Racquetball season.



Women’s “B/C” Singles (5 Person Round Robin)
1st Place: Cathy Pannone 3-Wins
2nd Place: Gina Strawn 3-Wins
3rd Place: Carolyn Knowles 2-Wins
4th Place: De Lewis 2-Wins
5th Place: Jackie Stewart 1-Wins


Men’s “Open” Singles
1st Place: Brandon Cuaresma
2nd Place: Robbie Gunther
3rd Place: Jesse Keaveny
Consolation: Jeff Sandys


Men’s “A” Singles
1st Place: John Collins
2nd Place: Dan Reyes (Homer)
3rd Place: Jeff Keuler
Consolation: Kelly Inama (Homer)


Men’s “B” Singles
1st Place: Josh Leutzinger
2nd Place: Jay Inama (Homer)
3rd Place: No 3rd – Double Forfeit (No Show)
Consolation: Larry Duran


Men’s “C” Singles
1st Place: Wesley Bernier
2nd Place: Trevor Davis
3rd Place: Liam Oberly


Men’s “Open”25+ B/C Singles
1st Place: Jay Inama (Homer)
2nd Place: Kelly Inama (Homer)
3rd Place: Mike Adams


Men’s “Open”35+ Open/A Singles
1st Place: Mark Henshaw (Ketchikan)
2nd Place: Robert Bailey
3rd Place: Charlie Pannone
Consolation: Bryce Unger


Junior’s “Advance” Singles
1st Place: Wesley Bernier
2nd Place: Liam Oberly
3rd Place: Barbara Bernier
4th Place: Cody Bailey
Consolation: Ray Eiley Jr


Junior’s “Int” Singles
1st Place: Robert Chapas
2nd Place: Sterling Doner
3rd Place: Jackson Brockway
Consolation: Kaleb Strawn


Men’s “Open/A” Doubles
1st Place: Brandon Cuaresma & Jesse Keaveny
2nd Place: Ryan Kofoid & Michelle Poage
3rd Place: Jeff Sandys & Ellis Walthour
Consolation: Tom Boyle & Steve Deaton


Women’s “B/C” Doubles (3 Team Round Robin x2)
1st Place: Carolyn Knowles & De Lewis
2nd Place: Missy Namen & Jackie Seiffert
3rd Place: Gina Strawn & TJ Strawn