2007 Alaska Open

The Alaska Club – Midtown
Anchorage, Alaska
October 18-21, 2007



Jim Hage & Nick Hand – Men’s Open Match


The 2007 Alaska Open took place at the Alaska Club – Midtown October 18-21, We had 60 players competing in 10 different divisions. In the Women’s Open Michelle Earl defeated Janice Vosika 15-3, 15-9. And in the Women’s B/C Division Jackie Duran took 1st place in a 5 person round robin, there was a 3-way tie for 2nd. (1) Robbie Gunther took the win over (2) Jesse Keaveny 15-5, 15-4 in the Men’s Open, and teamed with partner Telon Bremont to defeat Jesse and partner Jim Derks in an 11-8 tiebreaker win in the Men’s Open Doubles.

The tournament was sponsored by “The Dream Lives On” a nonprofit started by Michelle Bruchhauser that has been compared to “Make a Wish” but for adults. Michelle does this to honor her Husband Dave Bruchhauser who lost his battle with cancer April 29th, 2007. Dave left behind his Wife Michelle and 2 Kids Brianna (15) and Ian (3). Dave was a regular at most of the Anchorage tournaments competing in the Men’s A division.




Women’s “Open/A” Singles

1st Place: (2) Michelle Earl
2nd Place: (1) Janice Vosika
3rd Place: (3) Pam Barnes
Consolation: Vicky Oberly


Women’s “B/C” Singles (Round Robin)

1st Place: Jackie Duran
2nd Place: Amanda Philip
3rd Place: Jackie Seiffert
4th Place: Sarah McClelland
5th Place: Angelee Wood


Men’s “Open” Singles

1st Place: (1) Robbie Gunther
2nd Place: (2) Jesse Keaveny
3rd Place: (3) Jim Derks
Consolation: Jim Hage (Fairbanks)


Men’s “A” Singles

1st Place: (5) Nick Hand
2nd Place: Chad Greenland
3rd Place: (3) Ron Broyles)
Consolation: (2) Jed Kimber


Men’s “B/C” Singles

1st Place: Jeff Keuler
2nd Place: (1) Greg Earl
3rd Place: (2) Shane Marrufo
Consolation: (3) Mike Adams


Men’s “Open/A” All Age Singles

1st Place: (1) Christer Linden
2nd Place: Wayne Oxford
3rd Place: (4) Nassar Cheema
Consolation: (3) Ray Eiley


Men’s “B/C” All Age Singles

1st Place: Jeff Keuler
2nd Place: (2) Shane Marrufo
3rd Place: (1) Greg Earl
Consolation: Mike Adams


Juniors 16 & Under Singles

1st Place: (1) Miguel Martinez
2nd Place: (3) Jasper Jackson
3rd Place: (2) Wesley Bernier
Consolation: Barbara Bernier


Men’s “Open/A” Doubles

1st Place: (1) Telon Bremont & Robbie Gunther
2nd Place: (2) Jim Derks & Jesse Keaveny
3rd Place: (3) Keith Boice & Brandon Cuaresma
Consolation: (7) Michelle Earl & Josh Wood


Mixed “Open/A” Doubles

1st Place: (2) Janice Vosika & Jim Derks
2nd Place: (1) Michelle Earl & Brandon Cuaresma
3rd Place: (4) Pam Barnes & Tony Piper
Consolation: Vicky Oberly & Nick Hand