2005 Ice Fog Classic
The Alaska Athletic Club – North
Fairbanks, Alaska
January 7-9, 2005


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Women’s “Singles”
1st Place: Chris Nussbaumer
2nd Place: Irma Nolin
3rd Place: Lynne Branham


Men’s “Open” Singles
1st Place: (1) Jim Hage
2nd Place: (2) Rob Branham
3rd Place: Robert Bailey (Anchorage)
Consolation: Brent Paul


Men’s “A” Singles
1st Place: Rob Cherry
2nd Place: Don Roach
3rd Place: Warren Bailey (Anchorage)
Consolation: Javier Hinojosa


Men’s “B” Singles
1st Place: Wayne Oxford (Anchorage)
2nd Place: Deb Hanneman
3rd Place: Thomas Newman
Consolation: John Saucedo


Men’s “C” Singles
1st Place: Josh Branham
2nd Place: Everett Roberts
3rd Place: Allen Menaker
Consolation: Dan Martoland


Men’s “30+” Singles
1st Place: Rob Branham
2nd Place: Robert Bailey (Anchorage)
3rd Place: Warren Bailey (Anchorage)
Consolation: Rob Cherry


Juniors “12 & Under” Singles
1st Place: Dan Bunten
2nd Place: Kelly Ranchoff
3rd Place: Kyle May
4th Place: Jacob Martoland


Men’s “Open” Doubles
1st Place: Jim Hage & Rob Branham
2nd Place: Greg Taylor & Larry Lovell
3rd Place: Pauly & Pauly
Consolation: Brendan Scanlon & Don Roach