2004 US National Doubles

Arizona State University
Tempe, AZ
September 29-Oct 3, 2004


This was the last tournament that Jimmy Lowe played as an Alaskan, He and his family have moved on to warmer weather in Hawaii. It’s going to be a long time before we see another player of his talent in Alaska. We all wish him well in his new Job and location. Jimmy played very well at this years tournament Winning the Mixed 40+ Open with Malia Bailey. And he and Jeff Starks of Olympia, Washington suffered 2 losses to the eventual winners of the divisions. In the Men’s Open they were defeated by Rocky Carson & Jack Huczek in the quarters 8-15, 15-13, 11-6, and in the Men’s Open 35+ in the Semi’s to Doug Ganim & Jeff Bell.

Women’s “Open” Doubles
1st Place: Jacqueline Paraiso-Rice & Kim Russell
2nd Place: Cheryl Gudinas & Kristen M Walsh
3rd Place: Laura Fenton & Aimee Ruiz


Men’s “Open” Doubles
1st Place: Rocky Carson & Jack Huczek
2nd Place: Jason Thoerner & Mitch Williams
3rd Place: Jonathan C Dunn & Greg Solis


Mixed “Open” Doubles
1st Place: Aimee Ruiz & Jason Thoerner
2nd Place: Michael L Harmon & Kristen M Walsh
3rd Place: Jonathan C Dunn & Janel E Tisinger


Mixed “40+” Doubles
1st Place: Malia Bailey & Jimmy Lowe
2nd Place: Troy Stallings & Debra K Tisinger
3rd Place: Bill Lyman & Terri Graham