2002 Racq Attack Racquetball Tournament

The Alaska Club – East
Anchorage, Alaska
March 13-17, 2002

With the Alaska State Singles tournament less then a month away this tournament let everyone know just where they stand. The “Young Guns” in the Men’s Open division put everyone on notice that they are a force to be reckoned with. Robby Gunther took the title with an 11-4 tiebreaker win over Brandon Cuaresma, This was the youngest Open Final in Alaskan history (average age 22). State Singles should be very interesting indeed. 





Final Results:


Women’s “Open”
1st Place: (2) Michele Poage
2nd Place: (4) Amy Carpenter
3rd Place: (3) Ynez Slaymaker
Consolation: Beckey Bailey


Women’s “C”
1st Place: (1) Linda Bateman
2nd Place: (3) Erin Parsley
3rd Place: (2) Tiffany France
Consolation: Debra Kinn


Mens “Open”
1st Place: (1) Robby Gunther
2nd Place: (6) Brandon Cuaresma
3rd Place: (4) Jim Derks
Consolation: (3) Jesse Keaveny


Mens “AA”
1st Place: Keith Boice
2nd Place: Michele Poage
3rd Place: James Miles
Consolation: Jerry Taylor


Men’s “B”
1st Place: (1) Ed Simeonoff
2nd Place: (2) Tim Johnson
3rd Place: (3) Mike Pannone
Consolation: Michael Hughes


Men’s “C”
1st Place: (6) Mike Black
2nd Place: (4) Al Trbovich
3rd Place: Steve Haas
Consolation: (5) Mike Adams


Mens “D”
1st Place: Keith Anderson
2nd Place: David King
3rd Place: Mark Johnson
Consolation: Linda Bateman


Mens “24 & Under”
1st Place: (2) Jesse Keaveny
2nd Place: (1) Robby Gunther
3rd Place: (3) Ryan Kofoid
Consolation: Chris Limb


Mens “25+ Open/A”
1st Place: (2) Jim Derks
2nd Place: (1) Tony Piper
3rd Place: (6) Keith Boice
Consolation: (5) Jim Black


Mens “25+ B/C”
1st Place: Tim Johnson
2nd Place: Don Roach
3rd Place: Steve Haas


Mens “50+”
1st Place: Jerry Taylor
2nd Place: Eberhard Brunner
3rd Place: Mike Black
Consolation: Dave Bovee


Mixed “Open” Doubles
1st Place: Amy Carpenter & Justin Campbell
2nd Place: Robin Rodriguez & Nick Arturo
3rd Place: Ynez Slaymaker & Clifton Watkins


Mixed “B/C” Doubles
1st Place: Erin Parsley & Mike Pannone
2nd Place: Cathy Foerster & Elvys Medina
3rd Place: Shannon Murray & Peter Seiffert