View from the deck at the “Pump House Restaurant – Fairbanks


2002 November Points Rally

The Alaska Club – North
Fairbanks, Alaska

November 15-16, 2002



Jimmy Lowe does it again.. Taking both the Men’s Open singles over Justin Campbell and then teamed up with Dave Sivigiliano to take the Men’s Open doubles over Shane McAfee & Jim Hage. 6 Anchorage players traveled North for the tournament and most are bringing trophies home.



Men’s “Open” Singles
1st Place: (1) Jimmy Lowe
2nd Place: (2) Justin Campbell
3rd Place: (3) Shane McAfee
Consolation: Tony Rosales


Men’s “A” Singles
1st Place: Guy Gadowsky
2nd Place: Brent Paul
3rd Place: Amy Carpenter (Anchorage)
Consolation: David Keith (Anchorage)


Men’s “B” Singles
1st Place: Jim Mellen
2nd Place: Robie Paul
3rd Place: Paton Stott (Anchorage)
Consolation: Dave Carlstrom


Men’s “C” Singles
1st Place: Erin Parsley (Anchorage)
2nd Place: Jake Paul
3rd Place: Al Wendel
Consolation: Michelle Graham


Men’s “25+” Singles
1st Place: Robbie Gunther (Anchorage)
2nd Place: Tony Rosales
3rd Place: Larry Campbell
Consolation: Stephanie Munger (Anchorage)


Men’s “Open” Doubles
1st Place: Jimmy Lowe & Dave Sivigliano
2nd Place: Shane McAfee & Jim Hage
3rd Place: Larry Campbell & Robbie Gunther
Consolation: Rob Branham & Sunji Spencer


Men’s “B/C” Doubles
1st Place: David Keith & Paton Stott (Anchorage)
2nd Place: Robie Paul & Jake Paul
3rd Place: Jim Mellen & Al Wendel
Consolation: Erin Parsley (Anchorage) & L Dunn