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2002 Crack, Splat, & Roll Racquetball Tournament

The Alaska Club – East
Anchorage, Alaska
October 16-20, 2002
The Women’s”Open” division was a Double Elimination draw of 5 Women, Michelle Poage came out on top. In the Men’s Open Justin Campbell of Fairbanks never dropped a game in 4 rounds to claim the title in the Final he took on Steve Deaton winning 15-12, 15-11.


Women’s “Open”
1st Place: Michele Poage
2nd Place: Amy Carpenter
3rd Place: Leda Evans
4th Place: Becky Bailey


Women’s “B/C”
1st Place: (1) Erin Parsley
2nd Place: Tiffany France
3rd Place: Danielle Smith
ConsolatioDanielleele Graham


Mens “Open”
1st Place: (1) Justin Campbell (Fairbanks)
2nd Place: (7) Steve Deaton
3rd Place: (5) Ellis Walthour
Consolation: (2) Jesse Keaveny


Mens “AA”
1st Place: Jimmy Stewart
2nd Place: Josh Wood


Men’s “A”
1st Place: Tim Johnson
2nd Place: Steve Amundson
3rd Place: Brendan Scanlan (Fairbanks)
4th Place: Frederick Pedro


Men’s “B”
1st Place: Dennis Chartraw
2nd Place: Paton Stott
3rd Place: Mike Bidelman
Consolation: Mike Adams


Men’s “C”
1st Place: (3) Antonio Portillo
2nd Place: (4) David Chamberlian
3rd Place: Wayne Saucier
Consolation: (1) Dwight Greene


Men’s “D”
1st Place: John Worthington
2nd Place: Steve Medina
3rd Place: (1) Gabriel Carbajal
Consolation: Miguel Martinez


Men’s “25+ Open/A”
1st Place: (1) Tony Piper
2nd Place: (2) Felix Martinez
3rd Place: Josh Wood
Consolation: Tony Rosales


Men’s “25+ B/C”
1st Place: Antonio Portillo
2nd Place: David Johnson
3rd Place: John Worthington


Men’s “40+ B/C”
1st Place: Dennis Chartraw
2nd Place: David Chamberlian
3rd Place: Jeff Huber
Consolation: Al Trbovich


Men’s “Open” Doubles
1st Place: (1) Brandon Cuaresma & Jesse Keaveny
2nd Place: (3) Ellis Walthour & Nick Arturo
3rd Place: (2) Justin Campbell & Robbie Gunther
Consolation: Steve Deaton & Tony Piper


Men’s “B/C” Doubles
1st Place: Mike Bidelman & Richard Rosen
2nd Place: Paton Stott & Tiffany France
3rd Place: John Maketa & Danielle Smith