2002 Alaska State Singles Racquetball Tournament

The Alaska Club – Midtown
Anchorage, Alaska
April 10-14, 2002
Special thanks to Vito Ungaro of Cream Puff Auto for his 2nd year of sponsoring our State Singles Championships!. Also a special thanks to all the “Out of Towners” for traveling to this tournament – we appreciate you being here!.

Final Results & Drawsheets

Women’s “Open”
1st Place: (1) Michelle Poage
2nd Place: (3) Ynes Slaymaker (EAFB)
3rd Place: (4) Amy Carpenter (EAFB)
Consolation: Becky Baily

Women’s “C”
1st Place: (2) Tiffany France
2nd Place: (5) Cindi Pannone
3rd Place: (3) Erin Parsley
Consolation: (6) Ellen Franklin (EAFB)

Women’s “D”
1st Place: Theresa McSherry
2nd Place: Sheila McSherry
3rd Place: (1) Linda Whitney
Consolation: Robin Feeney

Men’s “Open”
1st Place: (1) Jimmy Lowe (Fbks)
2nd Place: (3) Shane McAfee (Fbks)
3rd Place: (5) Justin Campbell (Fbks)
Consolation: Rob Branham (Fbks)

Men’s “A”
1st Place: (6) Charles Pannone
2nd Place: (8) James Miles
3rd Place: (5) Dan Anderson (Fbks)
Consolation: (9) Zach Jones (Kodiak)

Men’s “B”
1st Place: (1) Tim Johnson
2nd Place: (2) Mike Pannone
3rd Place: Bob Ihrig
Consolation: (4) John Murnan

Men’s “C”
1st Place: Jeff Huber
2nd Place: William Larson
3rd Place: Jason Kimmel
Consolation: (3) Josh Carlstrom (Fbks)

Men’s “D”
1st Place: (2) John Craft
2nd Place: (1) Mark Johnson
3rd Place: Cindi Pannone
Consolation: Miguel Martinez

Men’s “24 & Under”
1st Place: Jesse Keaveny
2nd Place: Robby Gunther
3rd Place: Tim Keaveny ll

Men’s “25+ Open/A”
1st Place: (1) Jimmy Lowe (Fbks)
2nd Place: (3) Justin Campbell (Fbks)
3rd Place: (2) Jim Derks
Consolation: Steve Garcia (Juneau)

Men’s “25+ B/C”
1st Place: Tim Johnson
2nd Place: John Murnan
3rd Place: Mike Melchert
Consolation: Franke Brown (Kodiak)

Men’s “40+ Open/A”
1st Place: (1) Shane McAfee (Fbks)
2nd Place: (2) Tony Piper
3rd Place: (5) Jim Black
Consolation: (4) Don Bennett (Fbks)

Men’s “40+ B/C”
1st Place: Steve Ruotsalainen (Kodiak)
2nd Place: Michael Pannone
3rd Place: Jeff Huber

Men’s “50+”
1st Place: (1) Jerry Taylor
2nd Place: Dave Carlstrom (Fbks)
3rd Place: Dwayne Melchert
Consolation: Bob Ihrig

Juniors “18 & Under”
1st Place: (1) Nick Arturo
2nd Place: (2) Ryan Kofoid
3rd Place: Josh Carlstrom (Fbks)
Consolation: Michelle Graham

Boy’s “12 & Under”
1st Place: Miguel Martinez
2nd Place: Zachary Burgess
3rd Place: Ryan Cox

Boy’s “8 & Under MB”
1st Place: Zane Burgess
2nd Place: Dylan Poage
3rd Place: Zion Burgess