2002 Alaska State Doubles Racquetball Tournament
The Alaska Club – Midtown
Anchorage, Alaska
February 20-24, 2002

Don Bennett & Jimmy Lowe



This year’s State Doubles tournament was very exciting. In the Men’s Open/A division The #3 seed team of Jimmy Lowe & Don Bennett from Fairbanks took this years title over #4 Seed team of Jesse Keaveny and Jim Derks in 2 straight games 15-11, 15-11. Jimmy and Don almost went 2 for 2 but ended up losing a hard fought 11-9 tiebreaker in the Men’s 25+ Open division to another very tough Fairbanks team of Shane McAfee and Jim Hage. Some of the most fun matches seemed to come from the Women’s Divisions where there were “Blind Draw” round robins, The Women seem to have both a lot of FUN and the competition was GREAT!. We need to see more of this!!.



Women’s “Open”
1st Place: Amy Carpenter & Becky Bailey
2nd Place: Michelle Poage & Brooke Methonen
3rd Place: Ynez Slaymaker & Erin Parsley


Women’s “C”
1st Place: Linda Bateman & Sheila McSherry
2nd Place: Ellen Franklin & Deanne Hopewell
3rd Place: Shannon Murray & Theresa McSherry


Mens “Open/A”
1st Place: (3) Jimmy Lowe & Don Bennett (Fbks)
2nd Place: (4) Jesse Keaveny & Jim Derks
3rd Place: (2) Shane McAfee & Jim Hage (Fbks)
Consolation: (8) Felix Martinez & Steve Knowles


Men’s “B/C”
1st Place: Frederick Pedro & Ed Canfield
2nd Place: (3) Sal Diaz & Mike Pannone
3rd Place: (5) Dwight Greene & David Keith
Consolation: (1) Kelly Leseman & Mike Gilman


Mens “24 & Under”
1st Place: Matt Howell & Marcus Howell (Fbks)
2nd Place: Jesse Keaveny & James Miles
3rd Place: Ryan Kofoid & Robby Gunther


Mens “25+ Open/A”
1st Place: (1) Shane McAfee & Jim Hage (Fbks)
2nd Place: (2) Jimmy Lowe & Don Bennett (Fbks)
3rd Place: (4) Mike Phillips & Steve Deaton
Consolation: (6) Walt Schader & Larry Lovell (Fbks)


Mens “35+ B/C”
1st Place: Frederick Pedro & Ed Canfield
2nd Place: Steve Amundson & Vito Ungro
3rd Place: Dwayne Melchert & Duane Epton
4th Place: Kelly Leseman & Mike Gilman


Mixed “Open/A”
1st Place: (2) Michelle Poage & Jim Derks
2nd Place: (1) Robin Rodriguez & Ellis Walthour
3rd Place: (4) Amy Carpenter & Clifton Watkins Jr.
Consolation: Tim Keaveny Sr. & Brooke Methonen


Mixed “B/C”
1st Place: (1) Tiffany France & Paton Stott
2nd Place: (2) Erin Parlsey & John Craft
3rd Place: (3) Shannon Murray & Peter Seiffert
Consolation: Terri Adkins & Derek Bialik