1999 Junior US National Racquetball Championships
Tempe, Arizona
June 25-30, 1999
Along with almost 400 other Junior Racquetball players, Ten Alaskan players competed in the 1999 Head 26th U.S. Junior Olympic National Racquetball Championships held at the Arizona State University Racquetball Complex in Tempe, Arizona. Leading the way was Nick Arturo who brought home “Gold” in all three of his events (Boy’s 10 & Under Singles, 10 & Under Doubles, and 10 & Under Mixed Doubles). With his Wins, Nick earned an appointment to “Team USA” in this years “Junior Worlds Tournament”. GREAT GOING NICK!!.. Other Alaskans who came home with Medals were: Kastle Arturo 4th Place Girls 12 & Under, Brandon Callihan 2nd place Boys 10 & Under Doubles, and Miguel Martinez 1st Place Red Boys 8 & Under Multi Bounce. Bobby Hanson, Sunji Spencer, Matt Howell, and Marcus Howell all of Fairbanks. Along with Robbie Gunther & James Marchetti of Anchorage also competed in the tournament.
Boy’s Events

Boy’s “18-” Singles
#1 Josh Tucker (Joplin, Mo.) def. #2 Shane Vanderson (Dublin, Ohio)
15-14, 15-7

Blue Winner: Michael Harmon
Red Winner: George Swanson
White Winner: Mike Miles

Boy’s “16-” Singles
#1 Jack Huczek (Rochester Hills, Mich.) def. #3 Bart Crawford (Klamath Falls, Ore.)
15-7, 15-8

Blue Winner: Rusty Powell
Red Winner: David Foye
White Winner: Mathew Moccia

Boy’s “14-” Singles
#1Steven Klaiman (Houston, Texas) def. #3 Brandon Shoemaker (Findlay, Ohio)
15-7, 8-15, 11-2

Blue Winner: Travis Woodbury
Red Winner: Brent Schulenberg
White Winner: Brian Zuercher

Boy’s “12-” Singles
#2 Joey Lakowske (Corvallis, Ore.) def. Matt Johnson (Farmington, N.M.)
9-15, 15-14, 11-10

Blue Winner: David Lewis
Red Winner: Ismael Aldana
White Winner: Edward J. Mazur III

Boy’s “10-” Singles
#1 Nick Arturo (Anchorage, Alaska) def. Jose Rojas (Stockton, Calif.)
15-2, 15-4

Blue Winner: Ismael Aldan
Red Winner: Cam Grundman
White Winner: John Sanderson

Boy’s “8-” Singles
#1 Jose Rojas (Stockton, Calif.) def. Jack Bredenbeck (New Brighton, N.M.)
15-3, 15-1

Red Winner: John Sanderson

Boy’s “8- Multi Bounce” Singles
Joseph Lee (Baton Rouge, La.) def. #1 Chris Rynard (Indianapolis, Ind.)
15-7, 15-8

Blue Winner: Andres Garcia
Red Winner: Miguel R. Martinez (Anchorage, Alaska)

Boy’s “6-” Singles
Joseph Lee (Baton Rouge, La.) def. Andres Garcia (N.Y.)
11-3, 11-9

Girl’s Events

Girl’s “18-” Singles
#1 Brooke Crawford (Klamath Falls, Ore.) def. #2 Sara Borland (Bettendorf, Iowa)
15-10, 5-15. 11-0

Blue Winner: Crystal Winfrey
Red Winner: Tiffany Sheppick

Girl’s “16-” Singles
#2 Kristen Walsh (Salt Lake City, Utah) def. #1 Krystal Csuk (Naperville, Ill.)
15-9, 15-6

Blue Winner: Adrienne Fisher
Red Winner: Lindsay Deutsch
White Winner: Mary M. Sweeney

Girl’s “14-” Singles
#1 Adrienne Fisher (Centerville, Ohio) def. #2 Lindsay Deutsch (Studio City, Calif.)
15-1, 12-15, 11-6

Blue Winner: Erica Beaudry
Red Winner: Cari Mitlitsky

Girl’s “12-” Singles
#1 Ashley Legget (Klamath Falls, Ore.) def. #2 Kelley Fisher (Centerville, Ohio)
15-4, 15-5

Blue Winner: Ashley Willhite
Red Winner: Elizabeth Ferguson
White Winner: Sarah Moyle

Girl’s “10-” Singles
Shannon Inglesby (Portland, Ore.) def. #2 Liz Taylor (Portland, Ore.)
15-2, 15-1

Blue Winner: Jennifer Fenton
Red Winner: Brittany Legget

Girl’s “8-” Singles
Kaitlin Inglesby (Portland, Ore.) def. Wesley Toland (Parkin, Ark.)
15-13, 15-3

Girls “8- Multi Bounce” Singles
Wesley Toland (Parkin, Ark.) def. Stephanie Moyle (Beaverton, Ore.)
11-5, 11-9

Girls “6-” Singles
Kaitlin Inglesby (Portland, Ore.) def. Stephanie M. Rojas (Keno, Ore.)
2-11, 11-1, 11-2

Boys Doubles

Boy’s “18-” Doubles
(#3) Matt Gehling (Md.) & Michael Harmon (Fla.)
(#1) Josh Tucker (Mo.) & Shane Vanderson (Ohio)
15-8, 15-3

Boy’s “16-” Doubles
(#2) Bart Crawford (Ore.) & Steven Klaiman (Texas)
(#1) Matthew McElhinney (Fla.) & Zack Miller (Calif.)
4-15, 15-1, 11-4

Boy’s “14-” Doubles
(#1) Ryan Lindell (Ore.) & Dan Sheppick (Ore.)
(#3) Clay Burris (Fla.) & Shane Karmelin (Ga.)
15-12, 15-12

Boy’s “12-” Doubles
(#2) Joey Lakowske & Charles Pratt (Ore.)
(#1) Andrew Grissom (Calif.) & Michael Keddie (NH)
15-10, 11-15, 11-6

Boy’s “10-” Doubles
(#1) Nick Arturo (Alaska) & Brad Starken (Wis.)
(#2) Brandon Callihan (Alaska) & Johnny Melgaard (ID)
15-4, 15-7

Girls Doubles

Girl’s “18-” Doubles
Sara Borland (Iowa) & Brooke Crawford (Ore.)
Megan Bals & Kristen Kovar (Neb.)
15-8, 15-4

Girl’s “16-” Doubles
Krystal Csuk (Ill.) & Kristen Walsh (Utah)
Jenny Cary (Ore.) & Cari Mitlitsky (N.Y.)
15-11, 15-12

Girl’s “12-” Doubles
Ashley Legget & Ashley Willhite (Ore.)
Elizabeth Ferguson & Katie Ferguson (Ore.)
15-9, 15-2

Girl’s “10-” Doubles
Jennifer Fenton (Ore.) & Kara Mazur (Ct.)
Shannon Inglesby & Brittany Legget (Ore.)
5-15, 15-10, 11-10

Mixed Doubles

Mixed”18-” Doubles
#1 Kristen Walsh (Salt Lake City, Utah)/Brent Walters (Fayetteville, N.C.)
#3 Megan Bals (Lincoln, Neb.)/John Churchwell (Anderson, Calif.)
15-13, 15-4

Mixed”16-” Doubles
#2 Crystal Winfred (Powell, Ohio)/Jack Huczek (Rochester Hills, Mich.)
#4 Adrienne Fisher (Centerville, Ohio)/Cory Martin (Kenosha, Wis.)
15-8, 15-6

Mixed”14-” Doubles
#1 Jesi Fuller (Albuquerque, N.M.)/Dan Sheppick (Milwaukie, Ore.)
#2 Jenny Cary (Hillsboro, Ore.)/Ryan Lindell (Beaverton, Ore.)
15-12, 15-11

Mixed”12-” Doubles
#1 Ashley Willhite (Klamath Falls, Ore.)/Andrew Grissom (San Jose, Calif.)
#2 Elizabeth Ferguson/Charles Pratt (Portland, Ore.)
15-2, 15-10

Mixed”10-” Doubles
#1 Liz Taylor (Portland, Ore.)/Nick Arturo (Anchorage, Alaska)
#2 Jennifer Fenton (Troutdale, Ore.)/Johnny Melgaard (Coeur d’Alene, Idaho)
15-7, 15-12