United States High School Racquetball Championships

St Louis, Missouri
March 1995
When we first started putting this Team together we knew we might have something special, Little did we know how special, Or that we could actually return from St Louis as US National High School Team Champions. This group of young Men & Women came together at just the right time. All of their hard work, and practice drills, And even all the running, Really paid off on this March Weekend in St Louis. The Kids played better than we ever thought they could. We are very very proud of this group.
Brandon Cuaresma (Service)
Julie Dale (Service)
Chip Garzini (Service)
Kelly Helms (Service)
Nathan Hendrickson (East)
Adam Hoelzer (Service)
Cameron Hacker (Wasilla)
Tim Keaveny ll (Service)
Jesse Keaveny (Service)
Sean Mullin (Lathrop-Fairbanks)
Katie Norton (Service)

Coaches: Ben Cuaresma & Tim Keaveny Sr