The Alaska Open

The Alaska Athletic Club
Anchorage, Alaska
January 12-16, 1994



Women’s “Open” Singles

1st Place: (1) Robin Rodriguez
2nd Place: (2) Kathy Wisthoff
3rd Place: (4) Lisa Hacker (Wasilla)
Consolation: (3) Cathy Stone

Women’s “B” Singles – (Round Robin)

1st Place: Jackie Cason
2nd Place: Kim Gaines
3rd Place: Cathy Forester

Women’s “C” Singles

1st Place: (1) Rhodell Eppenger
2nd Place: (2) Debbie Grewe
3rd Place: Michelle Wellck
Consolation: Michele Szekely

Men’s “Open” Singles

1st Place: (3) Ellis Walthour
2nd Place: (1) Jay Wisthoff
3rd Place: (7) Scott Shanders (Fairbanks)
Consolation: (9) Alan Roachell

Men’s “A” Singles

1st Place: Dan Thomas
2nd Place: (2) Steve Andrews
3rd Place: (1) Tom Vessie
Consolation: (3) Willy Stone

Men’s “B” Singles

1st Place: Stan Learman
2nd Place: (1) Scott English
3rd Place: (7) Jr Carr
Consolation: (8) Greg Walleen

Men’s “C” Singles

1st Place: John Smart
2nd Place: (9) Joel Doner
3rd Place: Mike Barfield
Consolation: Doug Stowell

Men’s “Novice” Singles – (Round Robin)

1st Place: Bruce Becker
2nd Place: Jerad Hacker (Wasilla)
3rd Place: James Hacker (Wasilla)

Men’s “30+” Singles

1st Place: (1) Mike Hovanec
2nd Place: Willy Stone
3rd Place: Tony Fischer
Consolation: Mike Bergt

Men’s “40+” Singles – (Round Robin)

1st Place: Ben Cuaresma
2nd Place: Steve Andrews
3rd Place: John Neill (EAFB)

Men’s “50+” Singles – (Round Robin)

1st Place: Jim Grizzell (Soldotna)
2nd Place: Dwayne Melchert
3rd Place: Dave Llewelyn (Ft Richardson)

Juniors “10 & Under” Singles – (Round Robin)

1st Place: Grace Leutele
2nd Place: Bobby Hanson (Fairbanks)
3rd Place: Brain Seidl
4th Place: Chris Seidl

Juniors “14 & Under” Singles – (Round Robin)

1st Place: Jesse Keaveny
2nd Place: Jerad Hacker (Wasilla)
3rd Place: Scott Link

Men’s “Open” Doubles

1st Place: (1) Telon Bremont & Mike Hovanec
2nd Place: (3) Mike Seidl & Jay Wisthoff
3rd Place: (4) Tim Keaveny & Saufoi Leutele (Ft Richardson)
Consolation: Mike Bergt & Tony Fischer

Men’s “B/C” Doubles

1st Place: (2) Scott English & Greg Walleen
2nd Place: (1) Dave Faught & Steve Blair
3rd Place: (4) Dave & Ron Llewellyn
Consolation: Brumbaugh & Williams

Mixed “Open” Doubles

1st Place: (4) Robin Rodriguez & Ellis Walthour
2nd Place: (3) Kerri Wethington & Saufoi Leutele (Ft Richardson)
3rd Place: (2) Kathy & Jay Wisthoff
Consolation: Cindy Krieg & Harold Campbell

Mixed “B/C” Doubles – (Round Robin)

1st Place: Terri Odekirk & Jr Carr (Ft Richardson)
2nd Place: Danielle Smith (Wasilla) & Dave Llewellyn (Ft Richardson)
3rd Place: Rhodell Eppenger & Rick Boots