Fall Racquetball Classic

The Alaska Club
October 24-28, 1990
Ellis Walthour #4 seed in the men’s open division defeated the #3 seed Steve Deaton in a victory of 15-12, 15-10 in the Men’s Open Division. And in the Women’s Open Jackie Gopie took the title after Robin Rodriguez withdrew due to Illness.

Mens “Open” Singles

1st: Ellis Walthour def. Steve Deaton
15-12, 15-11

3rd: Jay Wisthoff def. Mark Hindle
15-11, 15-12

Consolation: Tim Keaveny def. Mike Phillips
15-12, 14-15, 11-6

Mens “A” Singles

1st: John Neill def. Mike Hovanec
10-15, 15-1, 11-7

3rd: Larry Ng def. Willie Stone
Score Unavailable

Consolation: Todd Jarvis def. Rod Rodriguez
15-9, 11-15, 11-4

Men’s “B” Singles

1st: Telon Bremont def. Steve Andrews
15-13, 15-13

3rd: Dwayne Melchert def. Gary Tetors
15-7, 15-5

Consolation: Joe Lawrence def. Jack Ferris
15-11, 15-4

Men’s “C” Singles

1st: Felix Martinez def. Keith Boice
15-6, 15-0

3rd: Greg Forte def. Sid Ferguson
15-12, 10-15, 11-10

Consolation: Drew Pittman def. Alan Phelps
14-15, 15-10, 15-4

Men’s “D” Singles

1st: Eberhard Brunner def. Mike Hudok
15-10, 15-13

3rd: Timbo Keaveny def. Jesse Keaveny
10-15, 15-10, 11-7

Consolation: Lee Weiker

Men’s “30 +” Singles

1st: Steve Deaton def. Mike Hovanec
15-1, 15-7

3rd: Tim Keaveny Sr def. Mike Phillips
12-15, 15-5, 11-7

Consolation: Larry Ng def. Gary Tetors
12-15, 15-13, 11-4

Mens “40+” Singles

1st: Ben Cuaresma def. John Neill (EAFB)
15-9, 15-9

3rd: John Marchetti def. Jack Ferrise
15-2, 15-3

Consolation: Steve Andrews def. Marzel Drisdom
No score

Mens “50+” Singles

1st: Rod Rodriguez def. Earl Matthis
15-9, 15-10

3rd: Dwayne Melchert def. Tom Munger
15-10, 15-7

Consolation: Charlie Sloan def. Eberhardt Brunner
15-0, 15-13

Women’s “Open” Singles

1st: Jackie Gopie (Fairbanks) def. Robin Rodriguez
Illness Forfeit

3rd: Carla Cuaresma def. Gloria Canchola
15-11, 9-15, 11-3

Women’s “D” Singles

1st: Patti Zachary def. Lisa Hacker (Wasilla)
12-15, 15-10

3rd: Leda Evans def. Cathy Black
No Score

Consolation: Wendy Constantine def. Sherri Ketchum
15-13, 15-7

Junior “17 and Under” Singles

1st: Keith Boice def. Brandon Cuaresma
15-2, 15-6

3rd: Stephanie Munder def. Joel Zawko
coin toss?

Consolation: Tom Cotton def. David Hillyer
15-5, 15-7

Junior “14 and Under” Singles

1st: Brandon Cuaresma def. Timbo Keaveny
15-3, 15-7

3rd: Kurt Boice def. Ken Boice
15-1, 15-6

Consolation: Jesse Keaveny def. Ricky Ward
15-1, 15-0

Junior “10 and Under” Singles

1st: Lindsay Cuaresma

2nd: Mikey Tetors

3rd: Joey Keaveny

4th: David Eichmann

5th: Kea Cuaresma

6th: Josh Tetors

Mixed’s “Open/A” Doubles

1st: Gloria Canchola & James Fairbanks
Robin Rodriguez & Ellis Walthour
Illness Forfeit

3rd: Marie Cuaresma & Mark Hindle
To be determined
Ben Cuaresma & Carla Cuaresma

Consolation: Collen Ng & Tim Keaveny
Jackie Gopie (Fairbanks) & Rod Rodriguez
No Score

Mixed’s “B/C” Doubles

1st: Sue Spearstra & Joe Lawrence
Stephanie Munger & Joel Zawko
15-5, 15-8

3rd: Linda Shephard & George Petering
Sam Clark & Stuart Reynolds
No Score