Gear for Sports Fall Kickoff

The Alaska Athletic Club
Anchorage, Alaska
September 28 – October 2, 1988
Unseeded Jimmy Lowe of Fort Richardson upset top-seeded and defending State Champion Steve Deaton 8-15, 15-5, 11-9 to take the Men’s Open win. While in the Women’s Open division number two seeded Mary Smith upset top seed Robin Rodriguez 15-2, 5-15, 11-9.

Final Results (Sunday)

1st: Mary Smith
2nd: Robin Rodriguez
3rd: Vicky Vanderhoef
4th: Diane Johnson
Consolation: Bridget Wold

1st: Dorothy Langendorf
2nd: Bridget Wold
3rd: Marilyn Christiansen
4th: Dan Kojarik
Consolation: Margaret Ibbotson

1st: Gloria Canchola
2nd: Margo Pichler
3rd: Susan Speerstra
4th: Phillis Kruger

1st: Elizabeth Selzer
2nd: Stephanie Munger
3rd: Michelle Bates
4th: Judith Nausid
Consolation: Liz Savage

1st: Jimmy Lowe
2nd: Steve Deaton
3rd: Mike Seidl
4th: Don Dobson
Consolation: Jay Wisthoff

1st: Tim Keaveny Sr.
2nd: John Neill
3rd: Mike Acton
4th: Dave McAfee
Consolation: R.D. Lewis

1st: Denzill Whyatt
2nd: Dan Mensendick
3rd: John Thornton
4th: George Petering
Consolation: Fred Bauer

1st: Joe Grebe
2nd: Dennis Morford
3rd: Mark Bray
4th: Joe Lawrence
Consolation: Mark Watkins

1st: Bruce Yates
2nd: Kevin Quinn
3rd: Bill Wade
4th: Jim Blakeslee
Consolation: Darrin Bishop

1st: Don Dobson
2nd: Dave Berlin
3rd: Scott Dattan
4th: Joe Sternhagen
Consolation: Tim Keaveny

Mens”40+ Open/A”
1st: Ben Cuaresma
2nd: John Neill
3rd: John Thornton
4th: Roger Shaw
Consolation: Bob Lewis

Mens”Open” Doubles
1st: Steve Deaton & Mike Seidl
2nd: Jay Wisthoff & Mike Acton
3rd: Mark Hindle & Pierre Budreau
4th: Ben Cuaresma & Scott Dattan
Consolation: R.D. Lewis & Marzell Drisdom

Men’s”B/C” Doubles
1st: Daley & Bray
2nd: Denzill Whyatt & Joe Lawrence
3rd: Mathis & Hussey
4th: George Petering & Wayne Maybry
Consolation: Mike Frost & Gary Tetors