1985 Juniors State Racquetball Championships
Alaska Athletic Club
May 3-5, 1985


Tina Erwin almost pulled off the “Double” this past Weekend, After Winning the Girls 18 & Under Championship by beating Amy Mabry 2 games straight, Tina took on Kevin Heck in the “Boy’s 18 & Under” Championship Final only to lose in 2 Games. Billy Campbell of Fairbanks was a double winner in the Boy’s 14’s and 16’s.


Boy’s & Girl’s 8 Years & Under

1st: Todd Nathanson

2nd: Brandon Cuaresma

3rd: Kenny Hickman

Consolation: Tony Campbell

Boy’s 10 Years & Under

1st: Chris Rodriguez

2nd: Mike “Buntz” Kinney

3rd: Amy Wisthoff

Consolation: Robin Phillips

Boy’s 12 Years & Under

1st: Mike “Buntz” Kinney

2nd: Chris Rodriguez

3rd: Mike Strand

Consolation: Stefan Nelson

Boy’s 14 Years & Under

1st: Billy Campbell (Fbks)

2nd: Ben Abbott

3rd: Clint Josey

Consolation: Mike Erwin

Boy’s 16 Years & Under

1st: Billy Campbell

2nd: Kevin Heck

3rd: Clint Josey

Consolation: Bobby Blanton

Boy’s 18 Years & Under

1st: Kevin Heck

2nd: Tina Erwin

3rd: Zach Phillips

Consolation: Bobby Blanton

Girls 10 Years & Under

1st: Amy Wisthoff

2nd: Kia Krieg

3rd: Alecia Hopper

Girls 12 Years & Under

1st: Alicia Kinney

2nd: Melissa Bush

3rd: Amy Wisthoff

Consolation: Michelle Rodriguez

Girls 14 Years & Under

1st: Alicia Kinney

2nd: Melissa Bush

3rd: Michelle Kenley

Consolation: Sue Green

Girls 16 Years & Under

1st: Amy Mabry

2nd: Sue Green

3rd: Bobbi Green

Girls 18 Years & Under

1st: Tina Erwin

2nd: Amy Mabry

3rd: Bobbi Erwin