1984 Fur Rondy Racquetball Classic
Alaska Athletic Club
February 8 – 12, 1984


The 3rd Annual Racquetball Classic was held February 8 – 12. The Alaska Athletic Club gives many thanks for the hard work and generosity of the sponsors: Eero Porsche-Audi and the Alaska Lung Association. Appreciation also goes to Cecilia Coyle, Tournament Director, and Volunteers from the Alaska Racquetball Association (A.R.A.) The Lung Association is pleased to announce that pledges totaled over $5,000!


Mens “Open” Singles

1st: Steve Deaton
2nd: Steve Gerstein (Fairbanks)
3rd: Carmichael Stokes
Consolation: Robert DeOchoa

Mens “A” Singles

1st: Mike Seidl
2nd: Tom Coburn
3rd: Robert DeOchoa
Consolation: Steve Zrake

Men’s “B” Singles

1st: Tom Garlock
2nd: Dave Hummel
3rd: Billy Campbell (Fairbanks)
Consolation: J. Whittaker

Men’s “C” Singles

1st: H. Adams
2nd: S. Gennette
3rd: Gordon Crosby
Consolation: Paul Dirksen

Mens “Novice” Singles

1st: Jerry Jones
2nd: F. Curry
3rd: G. Stewart
Consolation: Morrison

Men’s “Veteran” Singles

1st: Steve Hamrick
2nd: Steve Gerstein (Fairbanks)
3rd: Dave Berlin
Consolation: Rauschenberger

Mens “Senior” Singles

1st: Rod Hinkle
2nd: Dave Hathaway
3rd: Chuck Rider
Consolation: Bob Lewis

Women’s “Open” Singles

1st: Judy Campbell
2nd: Barb Maier
3rd: Robin Rodriguez
Consolation: Lou Fuzzard (Fairbanks)

Women’s “B” Singles

1st: Laurel Stevens
2nd: Betty Ash
3rd: Lynn Sorenson
Consolation: Constance Page

Women’s “C” Singles

1st: Tina Erwin
2nd: D.Slind
3rd: S. Sutter
Consolation: Margo George

Women’s “Novice” Singles

1st: C. Koropp
2nd: N. Babb
3rd: L. Opstad
Consolation: Kenna Sue Carter

Women’s “Veterans” (30+) Singles

1st: Margaret Ibbotson
2nd: J. Matherson
3rd: Bonnie Hathaway
Consolation: Betty Ash

Men’s “Open” Doubles

1st: Steve Deaton & Harold Campbell
2nd: Chuck Rider & Marv Carlson
Consolation: Dave Hummell & Fred Williams

Men’s “B/C” Doubles

1st: Marty Grossman & Thomas
2nd: Gordon Crosby & Tim Keaveny Sr
Consolation: Motsinger & Steve Osgood

Mixed “Open” Doubles

1st: Carmichael Stokes & Robin Rodriguez
2nd: Jan Kilpatrick & Jordan
3rd: Dennis Kaufman (Fairbanks) & Lou Fuzzard (Fairbanks)
Consolation: Jay Wisthoff & Kathy Wisthoff

Mixed “B/C” Doubles

1st: D. Slind & Brad Bodde
2nd: Dave Hummell & Kenna Sue Carter
3rd: Frenchy & Negus
Consolation: Koropp & Koropp