1984 Active Foot Holiday Singles
Alaska Athletic Club
January 1984


The Holiday Singles Active Foot Racquetball Tournament was an overwhelming success attracting 144 participants from the Anchorage area along with Fairbanks. We would like to Thank Active Foot for their sponsorship and Cecilia Coyle for directing the fun! The post-tournament celebration was held at “Fridays Lounge” and everyone certainly appreciated Curt Nading’s generous donation of Beer & hors d’eouvres.


Mens “Open” Singles

1st: Steve Deaton
2nd: Carmichael Stokes
3rd: Steve Martin
Consolation: Steve Hamrick

Mens “A” Singles

1st: Mike Johnson
2nd: Robert DeOchoa
3rd: Steve Zrake
Consolation: Angel Diaz

Men’s “B” Singles

1st: Jerry Pitts
2nd: Fred Williams
3rd: Dave Hummel
Consolation: Tom Poe

Men’s “C” Singles

1st: Jerry Pitts
2nd: Steve Osgood
3rd: Gary Westoby
Consolation: Dick Lowell

Men’s Novice Singles

1st: Dave Dickhaus
2nd: Don Diggins
3rd: Jim Ballew
Consolation: Jerry Jones

Men’s “Veteran” (30+) Singles

1st: Angel Diaz
2nd: Mike Johnson
3rd: Steve Hamrick
Consolation: Tom Coburn

Mens “Senior” (40+) Singles

1st: Dave Hathaway
2nd: Marty Grossman
3rd: Gene Matthews
Consolation: Tom Angel

Women’s “Open” Singles

1st: Tami Mulick
2nd: Robin Rodriguez
3rd: Jan Kilpatrick
Consolation: Judy Campbell

Women’s “B” Singles

1st: Mary Ann Poe
2nd: Frenchy
3rd: Lynn Sorenson
Consolation: Susan Hankins

Women’s “C” Singles

1st: Bonnie Hathaway
2nd: Kathy Engle
3rd: Ruth Iverson
Consolation: Dagmar Phillips

Women’s “Novice” Singles

1st: Sherry Rainey
2nd: Sandy White
3rd: Eleanor Jacobson
Consolation: Lynn Meier

Women’s “Vet” Singles
1st: Hattie Awana
2nd: Bonnie Hathaway
3rd: Marilyn Riggie

Men’s “B/C” Doubles

1st: Dave Hummel & Pitts
2nd: Gary Westoby & Barry Duran
3rd: Angel & Neal
Consolation: Crosby & Tim Keaveny Sr.

Mixed “Open” Doubles

1st: Jan Kilpatrick & Scott Grasie
2nd: Judy Campbell & Lonnie Henry
3rd: Tammy Mulick & Steve Deaton
Consolation: Robin Rodriquez & Carmichael Stokes

Mixed “B/C” Doubles

1st: Margo George & Ron Pichler
2nd: Kenna Sue Carter & Vern Humble
3rd: Betty Ash & George Petering
Consolation: Carol Skelton & John Iverson