1983 Sealand Gold Racquetball Tournament
Alaska Athletic Club
November 1983


The Alaska Athletic Club would like to express special thanks to Tom Coburn and Bob Cain, the two representatives from the Sealand Corporation, that sponsored the Tournament. Happy Birthday was also part of the Tournament festivities. Laura Nightingale, Lonnie Henry, Harold Campbell and Dwayne Melchert all shared Birthdays this Weekend.


Mens “Open” Singles

1st: Steve Deaton
2md: Steve Gerstein (Fairbanks)
3rd: Scott Grasie
Consolation: Larry Lovell

Mens “A” Singles

1st: Rod Hinkle
2nd: Dave Hathaway
3rd: Mike Seidl
Consolation: Steve Zrake

Men’s “B” Singles

1st: Mike Kinney
2nd: Ken Williams
3rd: Fred Williams
Consolation: Dan Mathews

Men’s “C” Singles

1st: John Bentz
2nd: Barry Duran
3rd: H. Adams
Consolation: Steve Osgood

Men’s Novice Singles

1st: Robert Newbrough
2nd: Dennis Sorenson
3rd: Mike Hanson
Consolation: Dave Stratton

Men’s “Veteran” (30+) Singles

1st: Steve Gerstein (Fairbanks)
2nd: Steve Hamrick
3rd: Steve Zrake
Consolation: Tom Coburn

Mens “Senior” (40+) Singles

1st: Rod Hinkle
2nd: Rod Rodriguez
3rd: Dave Hathaway
Consolation: John Iverson

Women’s “Open” Singles

1st: Robin Rodriquez
2nd: Barb Maier
3rd: Judy Campbell
Consolation: Cathy Gardner

Women’s “B” Singles

1st: Cecilia Coyle
2nd: Margaret Ibbotson
3rd: Sam Weir
Consolation: Linda Bruns

Women’s “C” Singles

1st: Karen Parks
2nd: Sara Lord
3rd: Tina Erwin
Consolation: Bonnie Hathaway

Women’s “Novice” Singles

1st: Marilyn Barnett
2nd: Margo George
3rd: Denise Gilliam
Consolation: Rose Rodriguez

Women’s “Vet” (30+) Singles

1st: Sam Weir
2nd: Margaret Ibbotson
3rd: Linda Bruns
Consolation: Bonnie Hathaway

Men’s “Open” Doubles

1st: Steve Deaton & Harold Campbell
2nd: Jeff Sandys & Lonnie Henry

Women’s “Open” Doubles

1st: Laura Nightengale & Barb Maier
2nd: Robin Rodriquez & Jan Kilpatrick

Mixed “Open” Doubles

1st: Lonnie Henry & Judy Campbell
2nd: Jan Kilpatrick & Scott Grasie

Mixed “B/C” Doubles

1st: George Petering & Betty Ash
2nd: Marty Grossman & Iverson