1981 Sportsworld – Daily News Spring Racquetball Classic
Alaska Athletic Club
March 5-8, 1981


Coming off a Win in Fairbanks last Weekend, Lonnie Henry makes it two in a row by winning this past Weekends Sportsworld Racquetball Classic. Lonnie defeated Kevin Delaney 21-13, 21-11 to take the Men’s Open Title. In the Men’s B Division Curt Nading beat 4th seeded Bob Stirling, And in the Women’s Open, the winner was Kathy Schilling of Fairbanks over Barb Maier of Anchorage.


Mens “Open” Singles

1st: Lonnie Henry def. Kevin Delaney
21-13, 21-11

3rd: Steve Deaton def. Deno Paolini
21-2, 21-20

Consolation: Carmichael Stokes def. Steve Blaske
6-21, 21-13, 11-6

Men’s “B” Singles

1st: Curt Nading def. Bob Sterling
21-10, 21-3

3rd: C. McCallum def. Jay Wisthoff
21-14, 21-17

Consolation: Borden def. Doug Strain
21-5, 21-6

Men’s “C” Singles

1st: Gary Blackmore def. Wayne Warmack
21-12, 18-21, 11-5

3rd: Tom Early def. D. Robinson
19-21, 21-15, 11-10

Consolation: Ed Hall def. Zapotsky

Mens “Novice” Singles

1st: T. Ward def. D. Smith
21-16, 11-21, 11-9

Consolation: Dave Berlin def. D. Matthews

Men’s “Masters” Singles

1st: Rod Rodriguez def. Bill Wirin
21-9, 21-11

Men’s “Senior” Singles

1st: E. Johnson def. Bill Higgins
14-21, 21-9, 11-5

3rd: Jim Vaden def. Gene Matthews
21-5, 21-18

Consolation: Marty Grossman def. John Hall
21-11, 19-21, 11-2

Boy’s “Junior” Singles

1st: Jon Coyle def. C. Roussell
21-3, 21-5

3rd: Dan Coyle def. J. Coyle
21-7, 21-10

Consolation: S. Lindsay def. K. Black
21-17, 21-18

Women’s “Open” Singles

1st: Kathy Schilling def. Barb Maier
21-14, 21-11

3rd: Ilona Fellows def. Robin Rodrigues
21-17, 21-9

Consolation: Judy Campbell def. Julie Sterling
21-12, 21-12

Women’s “B” Singles

1st: Eva Burger def. Kathy Wisthoff
21-10, 21-19

3rd: Marilyn Riggle def. Kathy Jew
21-13, 21-4

Consolation: Linda Walker def. Joann Waggoner
21-17, 19-21, 11-2

Women’s “C” Singles

1st: C. Hunt def. K. Overby
21-9, 21-12

Women’s “Novice” Singles

1st: M. Omeara def. Tammy Angel
21-10, 21-12

3rd: Moser def. D. Warmack
21-4, 21-2

Consolation: Robinson def. Ruth Iverson
21-12, 21-6

Men’ “Open” Doubles

1st: Steve Deaton & Harold Campbell
Jeff Sandys & Deno Paolini
21-17, 21-18

3rd Place: Greenland & Johnson

Men’s “B/C” Doubles (Round Robin)

1st: Curt Nading & Bill Green
2nd: Larry Langston & Terry Mayer
3rd: Mike Acton & Jay Wisthoff

Women’s “Open” Doubles

1st: Nancy Lee & Barb Maier
Robin Rodriguez & Paris Henry
21-2, 21-9

Women’s “C” Doubles

1st: Janie Leask & Betty Ash
Sam Stutz & Hunt
21-13, 21-12